Talking about Russell Brunson is one of the most difficult things for me to do as an affiliate marketer. Why? Because of his success strategies are the most duplicated and most successful strategies online. As an internet and an Affiliate marketer I have to honestly call Russell a genius. I will say this though some of his tactics to getting a sale in my opinion are not tasteful but on that same note they always seem to work.

Allot of these trial offers and successful membership type programs all lead right back to Russell Brunson. The 12 month millionaire as a prime example has revolutionized internet marketing for everyone and has helped the cpa market tremendously most of the tactics used go right back to the 12 month millionaire which was first documented by Russell Brunson.

The Raw approach

Russell has a real raw approach to doing things. He stays on the side of the internet or affiliate marketer. When you get into any Russell Brunson program you can tell right off the bat that he means business the only unfortunate part to Russell’s programs is that you can’t be lazy. When getting into any program with Russell is prepared to take action.

Separating Russell Brunson from other online marketers

The difference between Russell Brunson and other internet markers is that Russell has proof and he can back up his claims he also has real success stories and a cult like following. Until you actually take him in you won’t know what i mean. Again I’ve been online making money 10 years plus now and i have watch Russell Brunson evolve internet marketing 3 different times and suspect is another one about to change the internet.

How many supposed internet guru’s that you know can get a great motivational speaker like Tony Robbins to work with them. I am just writing this post to let know that is no scam but if you are going to sign be prepared to work don’t be one of those people who sign up thinking money is going to instantly fly through your computer screen. Do the work; read the lessons take action. Everything is laid out for you. If you are serious about making money you will be making it within 30 days.

All of Russell Brunson’s programs are very well structured you crawl, you walk, you run, you drive, you fly. I recommend signing up if you are committed to being successful

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