Global Survey Group Review Is it a Scam

Global Survey Group Scam

Global Survey Group Review

Is global Survey Group a scam? Well they never scammed me before but i will also admit that this is not my favorite survey company as i’ve heard allot of complaints coming from this company especially from check cashing.

Web Survey Software

the software global Survey group uses is pretty standard although i found they tend to send allot of none paid surveys it took over 6 month’s for me to receive actual money from them but this might be because of my location i’m not sure.

Survey Software review

I won’t really get to deep into this issue, because this is mostly personal opinion but Global Survey Group doesn’t use the best survey software in this industry and also doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to spam complaints. Personally i would use a separate email address when signing up with them.  As i’ve found the junk emails tend to pile up with this company.

Will Global Survey Group make me rich

Personally i don’t know anyone that has become wealthy doing surveys online although i do know a few people who have won sweepstakes with online survey companies. I’ve never heard anyone win $100,000 i’ve heard $10,000 but nothing higher than that.

Fake Checks In The mail.

If you receive a strange looking check in mail for like $4000.00 don’t cash it as tempting as it is, this is the only problem i have Global Survey Group is some of there past advertisers we’re scammers. I was told they got rid of that advertiser. That has never happened to me personally but it was scam that was all over the internet. It wasn’t just happening at Global survey Group but the bottom line for some people is that it did happen and kind of damaged the reputation of Global Survey Group.

The point system at global Survey Group has always come through for me but again i have to say this is not my favorite survey company.

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