Review – Is it a scam?

Global Connection Resources which you can find at is a website started by a guy named Remington Penman. In this website, Penman is offering his monthly newsletter subscription program to those who are interested in starting a finder’s fee business. As the name implies, finder’s fee is when you get paid whenever you connect two people together like a buyer to a seller.

More about Global Connection Resources

By buying the 1 year subscription of Global Connection Resources, you will be receiving a newsletter every month with a list of opportunities for your finder’s fee business. The list is a compilation of opportunities all over the globe; it’s a mixture of people looking for certain commodities and those who are willing to sell commodities.

Aside from the newsletter, you will also receive a number of bonus products from Penman. These include the Striking Gold in the Finder’s Fees Business which you will have a more in-depth knowledge on the finder’s fee business; The Entrepreneur’s Wealth Building Library which contains a list of books, manuals, and newsletters for helping you build your wealth; and a free consultation for one year.

Final thoughts on

If you’re tired of working for someone else and would like to start your own Finder’s Fee business, then this monthly subscription from Global Connections Resources may work well for you. This is a ClickBank product so if you end up dissatisfied, you can ask for refund.

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