GlobaLinx Review Is It a Scam

Globalinx Scam

Globalix review

I wonder sometimes if people ever stop and think, what’s funny is i went to Rush Henrietta high school so when i hear about Globalinx or 5Linx a part of me is broken because I know what the people are going through. I know times are tough in Buffalo I Know the crime rate is up in Rochester my friend that i grew up in church with was murdered for basically no reason in broad day light. So my heart goes out to the people in western new york.

I am not going to attack GlobaLinx directly because they’ve already brainwashed there representatives into believing the numbers and being a corporation is everything. They also create that atmosphere like every MLM does of togetherness and team work. Also MLM’s are great at creating that us verse them dynamic which is why most MLM reps are so quick to defend there corporate interests.

Before I begin allow me to show you what an MLM looks like

Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing

Now to my left what you have is a Multi level Marketing business. This is how it looks this is what it is. Looking at this interesting business model you can clearly see the people at the top will remain at the top. And if you sign up underneath them you have no hopes in ever passing them. When it comes to MLM it’s always first come first serve and also the more people who sign up the harder it is to make a sale. There’s allot of ways to attack MLM but i don’t really see the point if you’re already sold on the dream. My issue with MLM’s is that many have them are corporations. I know allot of you people have been brainwashed into believing Corporations are this great entity in business being that by owning a corporation you are put in a lower tax bracket and also can buy many things with pre tax dollars and only get tax on the money you are left with. None the less too many corporations in societies actually destroy countries. If you people are not paying attention or understanding why there is a recession ask yourself how many small business’s exist in your community today and how many major corporations have set up retail shops in your area promising more jobs just to leave and layoff everybody when times get rough.

There are certain areas in society where corporations are needed but most of the major corporations that exist in society today are not needed and cause more harm than good(example could be:Wal mart). now i unfortunately most of you won’t understand what i am talking about here but this is where Multi Level Marketing becomes such a huge problem. Do you know by joining corporate MLM entity you’re actually making things worse for community and also helping the rich get richer.

5Linx have you really paid attention to the initial investment required to get started on top of that you are in a MLM type business meaning the corporate powers that be will stay on top while you do all the leg work. Doesn’t that sound like slavery to you? We’re talking CORPORATE MLM here not joe blow’s mlm which is still just as stupid but doesnt have the same impact.

I know you are looking to feed your families in the short term but in reality you are destroying your city and your country in long term. I highly recommend you watch a documentary called the corporation to get a better understanding of what i’m saying in case you don’t get it. If you have children you need to start thinking about the world you want your children to live in. You might say yea it’s just a little old MLM it’s not hurting anybody, but by you being there representative you are helping destroy both your community and your country.

I know many of you are looking for the easy road to riches and nobody makes it look and seem more easy than MLM but ask yourself the question if you can put so much energy into someone elses MLM what’s stopping you from starting your OWN business. What are you stupid or something? are you incapable of starting a business on your own? oh i get it you like when an MLM sends you a check it like how you get a check like an employee does. WAKE UP joining an MLM makes you there SLAVE you recruit and you send them leads and sales. So tell me what do they(Globalix) have to do really?

Except accounting and manufacturing the product. Gee doesn’t that sound like hard work What kind of genius does it take to do that and get some suckers to do the hardest part which is advertising and marketing. If they say “Sit” i bet you would sit down too. As an adult i am disgusted by the amount of people that are willing to sell their souls and dignity for money none the less if joining an MLM is what you want to waste your life doing best of luck to you!