Review – Is it a scam?

Money Line, which you can find at, is a network marketing company. Based on its presentation found in their website, you can benefit from MoneyLine through its ability to connect you to other leads. This is ‘one-line’ network marketing opportunity that promises you that you’ll never have to look for leads again.

More about Money Line

Typically, in a network marketing company, you’ll have to buy their products and recruit members for your downline. Depending on the scheme, you can make a certain percentage of the earnings of your downline. Hence, the more people you recruit, the more chances of making more money.

Money Line doesn’t work the same way. The founder of the company claims that it’s a different kind of network marketing company as there’s only one line. It’s not clear though what kind of products they are promoting.

Final thoughts on

Network marketing is a legit way of making money either offline or online. But there are several red flags about Money Line. One of which is its vague way of describing its company. It’s not clear what people would actually promote and how the earnings and recruiting works. It’s tricky because you don’t want to spend time, money, and effort on something you’re not 100% sure of or of something that doesn’t provide you with all the needed details.

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