Review – Is it a scam?

Global Pension Plan of is an affiliate marketing company that aims to provide you additional means of earning money through their network marketing program. The company aims for having 100,000 members where each member has the potential of earning as much as 55,000 Euros from only 30 Euros membership fee of each one. One qualification though to become a member is that you have to be below 67 years old.

More about Global Pension Plan

Internet operations of Global Pension Plan started in 2005 but it only started with its membership registration and other programs the following year. The reason why they are requiring members to be below 67 years old is because of the pension qualification itself (as the name implies).

According to the proponents of this program, those who decide to sign up shall pay 30 Euros. By becoming a member, you will be part of those people who will bring in more people to reach the 100,000 target. For every new member you bring in, you will earn a loyalty bonus that’s worth 2,000 Euros. What’s more, you can earn up to level 12.

The catch here though is that aside from the target number of members, there is no longer further information as to how this works.

Final thoughts on

The website doesn’t provide consumers with complete information regarding this opportunity. With the way it works, it seems that this is a Ponzi scheme, on which the fund from which the members could earn come from the members themselves. You should be careful with this especially if you’re on the last levels of membership.

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