GM Recall PROPAGANDA 2014!

To deflect responsibility from the General Motors corporation they’re going on a propaganda media campaign and I’m going to keep this post short because the GM is going to the giant media machines such as CNN, Fox News, NBC etc. to basically blast the people with GM propaganda to deflect from the fact that their defective cars are responsible for death’s of people and also because their defective cars more than likely caused their GM owners to spend more than they probably needed too on repairs. Also lets not forget possible accidents that possibly happened because of these defective cars that GM knew about since 2001.

GM seems to be using the strategy of “IT’S NOT OUR FAULT” and they’re going to shift the blame on someone or something else, like the employees MANAGEMENT hired!?. The GM propaganda has just begun now and I warn people to expect more of this. It’s nothing more than propaganda because what happened was they knew about the problem but they did nothing because they wanted to save money and being that they probably already knew they’d be declaring bankruptcy in June 2009 they had plans to deal with that defective car problem later… AFTER THEY DECLARED BANKRUPTCY.

Well now it’s 2014 and they’re forced to deal with it and the strategy they’re going to use is “IT’S NOT OUR FAULT” and currently they’re going to make it seem like Mary Barra who will most likely resign when this is all over is somehow “a victim” here. I hope and pray the people don’t fall for this corporate propaganda!


If you’re interested please watch this interview which is clearly nothing more than GM Propaganda to make people feel sorry for Mary Barra and GM!