The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Under Pressure From Canada’s Tyrannical Government, GoFundMe says it will not release any more funds to the ‘Freedom Convoy’- Takes Over – February 5, 2022,

If I’m, to be honest, I was surprised the Freedom Convoy used GoFundMe, to begin with, they’re more aligned with the Big Tech Technocracy out to control the narrative. This is another victory for Freedom, when you’re in the eye of the storm it might seem like the tyrants are winning, but they’re really exposing themselves. I don’t log into Twitter, Facebook, or most of the big tech platforms anymore, I’m not alone on this either. This trend hasn’t accelerated yet, but I suspect it will.

Global News Reported This Fraudulent Story, one of the first if I’m not mistaken – Talya Davidson Global News Look it up

At times you might not even realize you’re using a big tech platform, and then they show their fangs. Anyway, if there was an abundance of violence and hate associated with the Freedom Convoy, it would be plastered on the news, I think there was a flag with nazi symbols comparing Trudeau to Hitler and there was a Confederate flag, which seems more like another one of those Left Wing staged events, dirty politics.

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Anyway, it’s a victory for freedom, the people in power will use all tools at their disposal to force-feed people a narrative. How does a liberty lover approach tyranny from their government? There is no perfect way, in most countries Tyranny tends to lead to a mass exodus of a country’s most productive people. Is Canada there yet? Probably not, but the more tyrannical the Canadian government gets, the more mentally prepared Canadians will become to make alternative arrangements for their lives.

Justin Trudeau is not very popular in Canada, but he governs as if he is, For the record Justin Trudeau in the 2021 election could NOT get 33% of the votes in Canada, Joe Biden with all of his blunders is still at 41% popularity. Justin Trudeau did run a very strategic campaign, but he lost the popular vote, not only did he lose the popular vote to the Conservatives, Maxime Bernier was closing in on 1 million total votes. A reminder that the People’s Party of Canada is a relatively new political party.


President Joe Biden approval rating drops to a new low of 41% – FEB 3, 2022 |

If the People’s Party of Canada merely hangs around, surpassing 1 million total votes could become the norm. In fact, Justin Trudeau might be helping the Liberty movement in Canada. Regarding Canada’s young people, I personally think the People’s Party of Canada, can rival the NDP, I actually think the NDP has more to lose from the rise of the People’s Party of Canada than do the Conservatives. I don’t think there are many Conservatives jumping ship to the PPC, Erin O’Toole wasn’t a strong candidate and Trudeau’s early election call was to capitalize on what he imagined was a very vulnerable Conservative candidate, I think Trudeau imagined Bernier would help him get a majority, but it didn’t happen.

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Even with all the Liberal Party vote-buying, fewer Canadians showed up to vote for Trudeau. His total vote count actually went down in 2021 compared to his 2019 election run. I’m not sure what that means moving forward, but if the conservative Party of Canada decides to run Pierre Poilievre watch out! Pierre Poilievre doesn’t even have to win to be effective, his mere presence as opposition leader would present a different set of challenges for Liberals as Pierre Poilievre tends to focus on finances.

Anyway, GoFundMe may not realize this, but everyone is watching, and this capitulation, is not a smart business move. In the CBC video I point to below, you’ll notice the NDP politician being interviewed is parroting a narrative but the CBC doesn’t have much video footage to match the narrative NDP-socialist politician Alistair MacGregor is trying to get you to buy into.

Sure voters who are anti-freedom don’t need any evidence, to believe what their thought leaders tell them to believe, but less than 11 million out of Canada’s near 39 million population showed up to vote for all of Canada’s popular Left-Wing political Partys. Meaning that independents are watching this overt tyranny in real-time, independent voters tend to look for the evidence, they’re skeptical of both sides so if you’re a political hack attempting to formulate a narrative you need to present your concrete evidence to the people.

Instead, what’s happening is that GoFundMe officials are being called to testify about the fundraiser before a parliamentary committee? This is an embarrassment for Canada, but you can see why GoFundMe has decided not to release any more funds to the FreedomConvoy. But you see if you’re not following the story carefully or you don’t understand the COST of doing business, you’re likely to be more susceptible to Left-Wing media propaganda.

GoFundMe says it will not release any more funds to the ‘Freedom Convoy’ |

All that aside, currently there’s a Christian alternative to GoFundMe, so if you want to support the Freedom Convoy consider visiting I hope more Canadians can clearly see that Justin Trudeau was serious when he said that he admires China’s Basic Dictatorship. Canadians would be wise to pay close attention to Bill C-32, obviously, the end goal here is for the Trudeau’s bought and paid for media, as well big tech to capitulate to what the Liberal Government of Canada considers hate speech, which as you can clearly see equates to them having the ability to harass private businesses online.

Keep standing up for Liberty, because these tyrants will not stop until they dictate how you think and how you live your life.

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Interesting times ahead!