Gold Sell-off continues as the Economic DEFLATION meets fiat price inflation, 2021 Has Been A Blockbuster Year For Offshore Oil And Gas – August 9, 2021,

I’ve written about this in the past and I’ll remind the reader about it now, money should be backed by OIL, not by Gold because Oil is EVERYWHERE, oil is energy, oil is clothing, oil is plastic, oil is energy, oil is where you least expect it to be and oil is being put to work.

Gold on the other hand is usually hoarded and if most of us were NOT forced into legal tender laws, most people would save/INSURE their WEALTH in Gold, and look to increase their wealth in oil, because you could make an entire financial system off oil, oil in and of itself is a derivative, Bitcoin can’t survive without OIL, Oil is decentralized and although the world is awash with oil, governments all over the world are trying to artificially raise the price of oil.

I’m an environmentalist, not the socialist type of environmentalist, and I knew about the collusion to get Western governments under the thumb of the oil cartels, because decades ago, with technology, the established oil cartels, saw the writing on the wall that their monopoly was at risk.

Now, I personally never imagined that their efforts to spread this man-made climate change lie would be so successful, but now anytime a storm happens or it’s hot outside, a mainstream media news article will b=publish that the climate is changing, you’ll even notice that Conservative politicians are saying that man-made global warming is real.

Because I saw this scam when was first imagined, I don’t see the world the way most people see it. I follow the money and the money says that Offshore Oil And Gas is making record profits and there’s nothing Western Governments nor their brainwashed people can do about it.

2021 Has Been A Blockbuster Year For Offshore Oil And Gas |

Now, for most Gold bugs, which I am one, they’re confusing inflation in asset prices as actual money printing the Federal Reserve isn’t printing money, the private banks, for the most part, aren’t lending to unworthy borrowers, the only wild spender in the economy are the Governments of the World, who don’t imagine that their central banks are buying up assets to lend them money.

A lot of the money being spent in to the economy is being malinvested, meaning that deflation in the economy is accelerating, meaning that it costs more fiat dollars to purchase fewer goods and services. The Wealth effect is real and most Gold bugs have fallen into the trap.

I can not stress enough how broke people are getting and will be if the government stops sending people free money. This is not inflationary, this is deflationary, this becomes inflationary if let’s say Joe Biden does to America what Hugo Chávez did to Venezuela which is “PACK THE COURTS”.

As it stands today the Democrats are trying to push forward a 4 trillion dollar spending spree, if this passes, of course, asset prices will rise, but would clearly be a deflationary signal for the long term. In the immediate terms people are RUNNING OUT OF FIAT MONEY and most people do not buy Gold for insurance, they buy gold for fiat dollar price inflation.

For someone like myself, these lower gold prices have me very excited, in fiat dollar terms Gold goes up nicely gradually and its purchasing power gets stronger in time, and even when the price of gold drops, its value is still pretty good just like insurance. Because Gold is hoarded, people who aren’t desperate aren’t going to sell their gold unless the TRADE is worth it.

Traders are traders they want fast gains, and personally, I don’t think Gold is an asset class you want to be in if you want fast gains! Because price inflation across the entire economy is government creation, sure there are some things in this world that are rare and therefore have higher costs attached to them, but that’s not inflation, that’s usually a luxury! Capitalism is all about driving down prices, if the price of something can’t be driven down, in a FREE market there’s usually a reason for it!

In an overly regulated government economy, prices go up because politicians are just as dumb as the idiots who vote for them.

Gold price tumbles to yearly low, trades under $1,700 following Friday’s massive sell-off |

Interesting times ahead!