Google Verse Bing Who Will Come Out On Top

The time i’m writing this is 2011 and Google at the moment is the dominant search engine, some people think this is by fluke I personally feel this is a result of how Google handles quality. I consider myself both an affiliate marketer and a Internet marketer, that being said one thing I know after using Google adwords is that Google cares about the different type of advertisements that are being displayed in their search results page. From my personal experience Bing/MSN  might care but they don’t care as much.

I know this might fly over peoples heads – but… this is so important because this tells searchers what these search engines think of them. This also tells searchers who can be trusted and who can not be trusted. Personally I don’t use Bing to search for anything, It’s not that I have anything against Bing/MSN but I notice that it’s hard to find things that I want at Bing also I find it hard to find the information i’m looking for at Bing. That being said Bing noticeably has been doing some serious advertising getting its name and its brand out there and I think it will bring in more people but it won’t change the fact that at the moment Google is the better Search engine.

Google Quality Vs Microsoft Profits

What Bing and the people at Microsoft fail to understand is that reputation on every level is key online if you want to be a major player in the search market. If you allow advertisers to dictate your policies you’re company will fall online. Microsoft in my opinion as it stands now is all for the advertiser and this might come back to haunt them. Online works a bit differently than say television because information is passed around at the speed of light. Once you get exposed for a weakness its like a cut that never heals it also brings out all types of vampires that will see your destruction and act accordingly.

All of that being said Bing can not fail the issue with Bing/MSN is will it grow and at what rate. Personally I think Bing will grow at small rate but will be out classed by Google in the long term because I don’t think they(Bing) get it. My honest opinion as it stands now is people will only use Bing if they don’t understand Google. Where Bing sees profits Google see’s opportunities, Microsoft in my opinion only wants part of the search market because of the amount of money it can make. If you follow Bing and Microsoft like I do you’ll notice a common theme with them. Do you really think people prefer Mac over PC for no reason?

Will Bing Get 50% of the search Engine Market

Bing is a long way from getting 50% of the search market, the good news for Bing however is that allot of so called professional SEO companies are very angry at Google at the moment for all the changes Google has made recently. What I mean by this is Google has in way put an end to the Page Rank way to get to the top of their search engine. Allot of SEO companies have been telling their clients the way to the top of Google is a High Page Rank( and they’ve also been preaching to website owners that if they link to other websites with High Page Rank their websites will achieve a high Page Rank which will result in better search engine results.

I’ve been telling people for several years now that this is NOT the case and the only reason some websites get the top spot under specific search terms is because there’s little to no competition matching search term(s) they’re competing for. When it comes to high volume search terms Google wants relevant websites in that spot and because SEO companies don’t want to tell their customers that, they make a fuss about the flaws of Google. I think Bing could take advantage of this but I don’t see why they would.

The truth of the matter is the demise of SEO companies means more money for Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter. Also small business owners can now get listed on Google for FREE – Now that’s something to think about, to me this shows a future of Google acting almost like an online Yellow Pages which brings in even more opportunity for the search engine market as a whole. When it’s all said and done I think Google will come out on top but I do expect Bing to hang around and I still see an emerging Search engine in the near future which I anticipate will have 5- 10% of search engine market.

To those of you looking to grow your business using SEO my advice is don’t bother. To this day I still make the most money in the paid searches. Having your business scene in the paid portion in the search engines is the fastest way to wealth if your target your niche effectively and present your website in a way that’s easy to grasp and easy to navigate. I know what I said sounds so simple but it’s always worked for me.

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