Former GOP presidential front runner candidate Herman Cain dies from coronavirus at 74 – The Question remains was he taking Hydroxychloroquine? – July 30, 2020,

America lost a great man today. I don’t follow too many politicians, but I liked Herman Cain a High energy black American Entrepreneur, who started from the bottom and became something of himself. During a period when racism existed in abundance, Herman Cain did what a lot of successful Black Americans did he made no excuses and proved that poverty is primarily the result of your actions.

Herman Cain was also a black man the Leftist media would prefer to ignore because like many black Conservatives Herman Cain didn’t abandon his community, he was Republican when it wasn’t trendy to be one, it’s rare I ever heard the words “Black sellout” or “Coon” associated with Herman Cain because he wasn’t shy about who he was or what he stood for.

Herman Cain didn’t dance around issues, he had that fatherly quality that disarmed you and I’m only writing about the Herman Cain that I saw in front of the media. Similar to Donald Trump, Herman Cain simply had too much energy for a man his age and that’s why it pains me to read the news that he’s gone to be with God. It hurts when a human with a lot of life inside of them leaves the flesh. Love your loved ones while they’re on earth because you never know when they’ll be gone. I miss you, Herman Cain, a Herman Cain presidency would have been okay with me.

Herman Cain dies from coronavirus at 74 – The Question remains was he taking Hydroxychloroquine?

I have a lot of contacts in Subsaharan Africa, being that I’ve done charity works there and what they’re telling me is that there appears to be some sort of conspiracy to raise the costs of Hydroxychloroquine and a few other drugs that are known to be effective at fighting COVID-19 and other diseases.

I don’t believe everything they’re telling me, but some of my investments have proven to profitable because of these contacts. So although we’re in the eye of the COVID-19 storm a lot of people involved in government from a number of different countries are trying to secure they have control over what will be a whole new coronavirus marketplace.

Regardless of what country you live in, you’d be wise to watch how the governments and other medical institutions RENAME or alter Drugs. If you’re reading this pay very close attention to the ingredients that will be put in many of these so-called emerging cures for COVID-19.

People in the African nations I speak too are telling me people are hoarding Hydroxychloroquine, because as most people know in Africa the corruption is real, therefore the people tend to get ahead of the curve. They know when the government crackdown is coming and Hydroxychloroquine and a few other drugs have been known as very effective to fighting coronavirus. But let me be the first to tell you Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work for everyone and it should also be noted that he has to be taken with a combination of other drugs.

Herman Cain beat cancer, so let’s make sure the reader understands this, his high energy is rare amongst the human race. There was nothing weak when you observed a man like Herman Cain, so for many, this news is devastating, with that said again Herman Cain was a cancer survivor, so you’d have to put him with the groups of other humans who had preexisting conditions.

I’m still not sure that Cain’s death is the result of coronavirus, I’m going to wait a few weeks to make sure that’s the confirmed reason of death. Because Herman Cain was a Trump supporter it’s unfortunate that special interest groups will use this as a reason to make people turn a blind eye to Hydroxychloroquine as the find a way to make sure they charge people more money for a COVID-19 cure.

The problem with government getting involved in health care is that there is going to be a nationally or internationally accepted corona vaccine and/or drug and the government is going to use this dug as means to limit your freedoms and liberties. This is the main reason why politicians don’t want people talking about Hydroxychloroquine.

Social media and other oligarchs don’t want you thinking about Hydroxychloroquine as a cure because they’re in a scam also. Bill Gates and his foundation is set for generations to come if he has exclusive rights to the COVID-19 vaccine. There are multiple cures for aids, cancer, and other diseases, but the government controls the narrative, do not lie to yourself, when the government or the mainstream media tells you that they have the cure you believe them, stop pretending that you don’t!

This is why you’d be wise to research the ingredients of any drug and their equivalent ingredients because there’s a concerted effort t make sure the money for curing COVID-19 flows one way. Hydroxychloroquine is everywhere that’s why entities want to make sure that you never imagine it to be a cure. So when a cure comes out, make sure you read the ingredients and do your research, because from what I’m hearing things are already in the works!

Do not be surprised if the powers that be use the death of Herman Cain as their reasoning for banning the notion of Hydroxychloroquine being a cure for COVID-19. Herman Cain was a cancer survivor, he qualifies as a man with preexisting conditions!

It’s unlikely that they’ll be able to ban Hydroxychloroquine, however, they might stop you from using it to cure yourself of COVID-19, I personally recommend that you investigate, all the Hydroxychloroquine related medications being used to cure COVID-19 right now, so in the event, the government bans its use, you can work your way around the system!

Do not think I’m exaggerating when I’m writing this, governments all over the world have banned the use of lifesaving medications before, governments have done it so many times in fact that they have it down to a science! Once the media starts pushing a narrative regular people will volunteer themselves to protect the narrative the media is pushing!

You’ve been warned!

Herman Cain, former GOP presidential candidate, dies from coronavirus at 74 |

Interesting times ahead!