Government Spending Should Be Correctly Labelled as Government INVESTING: 15.1% of businesses expected to have “major challenges” repaying government aid over the next 12 months = Bad Federal Government investments – December 19, 2021,

So, although this practice should be illegal in the first place, it exists, and one of the reasons for the government picking winners and losers in the economy is because the government imagines itself to be a bank that’s merely socializing the economy. Capitalism is too cruel, and the government understands that its draconian mandates on the economy are bad for business, so to make sure the government’s dumb ideas don’t appear to be so dumb, the government lends money to private businesses affected by its mandates?

For people who don’t understand why many of us like the idea of a Gold Standard is because dumb economic ideas are quickly exposed under a Gold Standard. When there’s a “rule by fiat monetary system” as well as a central bank, dumb ideas are allowed to flourish, not only are they allowed to flourish the world economy will be derived by a lot of dumb ideas.

I’ll give you an example of what wouldn’t happen under a gold standard, so under a gold standard there wouldn’t be an excessive amount of waste, meaning that Canada as an example would have to dispose of its garbage locally, possibly burning it and avoiding the pollution of putting our garbage on boats to send abroad, but because Canada doesn’t have a Gold Standard dumb ideas like a minimum wage law exist, which actually prevent PRIVATE SECTOR waste management companies from flourishing.

Now, under a Gold Standard, the government artificially raises the PRICE of labor(wage is a fancy word for price). Under a Gold Standard economics is a lot more simple, price fixing under a Gold Standard has SERIOUS and immediate economic consequences on the economy, FDR’s New Deal extended the great depression, primarily because of minimum wage laws and social security, which by the way made FDR make the draconian decision to ban Americans from owning Gold

Now because Canada is still a colony of Great Britain, we didn’t have to take such extreme measures, because we’re under the Crown and we don’t have the freedoms of speech enjoyed in a Republic. So for most Canadians, thinking about the subject of money is not as important, making most of us far more ignorant on the topic. Corporate Welfare has been commonly practiced in Canada forever, The Bank of Canada is after all a Federal Crown Corporation and if you look it at, most of Canada’s crown corporations as constructed today, would not survive in a free market economy.

But this is model the Federal Government uses when it decides to lend money to private companies in Canada, of course, the Canadian government doesn’t analyze the private company the way a PRIVATE bank would, the entire lending process for Canada’s public sector revolves around meeting the demands of special interest groups, which decide under what parameters the private sector company qualifies for Federal Government aide.

Morals aside, at this point, the purpose of this aide, should be a return on investment for the Canadian taxpayer? But, people have gotten used to using the words “Government spending” for a reason, because the likelihood of the government/taxpayer seeing a positive return on their investment to these FAILING private sector companies is less than zero, in fact within the first year and we’re talking about established companies here, 15.1% of business say they will have major challenges servicing their loans?

Now, you might say, well that’s the governments’ fault or the government was simply trying to help, well, I didn’t take any government aid, and I know for a fact I’m nowhere near as rich as the companies and individuals who got this free money from the Canadian Federal government? What makes me different from these taxpayer leeches? I live within my means! I take personal responsibility, I research laws, I personally avoid getting involved in heavily regulated arenas and I mitigate my risks.

I’ve ended my reliance on brick and mortar years ago, although I use Amazon, I’m not 100% reliant on Amazon to make me an income, why is it that I understand this but companies in Canada that are far richer than I am, do not?

When these bailed-out companies do not pay back their loans, people like me will be on the hook for it? These bad government investments should be called out for what they are, and I wish more Canadians would speak up about it. When government spends it’s supposed to get a return on its investments. Since Trudeau became Prime Minister and enjoyed having near 0% interest rates, he’s continued to rack up debt for Canadian taxpayers? Canadian taxpayers have gotten a zero percent return on their investments?

This means that in the real world if Trudeau was an investor he’d be bankrupt? Why can’t we speak about politicians and their dumb ideas in these terms? I know why, it’s because there’s a lack of financial education in our schools and for this reason, most Canadians have no idea why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

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Interesting times ahead!