Government Regulations Are Destroying Government Health Care in Canada: Bowmanville Hospital temporarily closes ICU due to staffing shortage – July 30, 2022,


So, Canadians, since around 2015, decided to take a risk on EXPANDING the size of the government; since becoming Prime Minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau has thrown money at every “problem” he could find. In business, if a business person simply throws money at problems instead of seeking ways to be more economically EFFICIENT with the resources given to him, said business person will have to go bankrupt.

Governments don’t have to be EFFICIENT with resources; in fact, one of the reasons a lot of humans in developed and UNDEVELOPED nations like to imagine BIG GOVERNMENT is because they imagine their government as having UNLIMITED resources. So, if the government has unlimited resources, these people assume, then the government can solve every problem we can imagine, Right?

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Wrong, becoming a developed nation revolves around EFFICIENCY and making the best use of resources, and one of the BEST ways to get humans to be PRODUCTIVE is to STOP regulating their thoughts and actions. FREEDOM and LIBERTY coincide with FREE MARKET CAPITALISM; people who feel free and liberated tend to WORK HARDER, as they can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Oppressed and overly regulated people tend to abandon work altogether or work with an ESCAPE plan in mind. If you know anything about SLAVERY, you’d know that a lot of slaves would risk life and limb to escape the masters’ whip. Sure the slave might work hard for a period of time, but the moment the opportunity presents itself to escape the plantation, the slave is GONE!

Ontario hospital temporarily closes ICU due to staffing shortage |

I’m sure politicians in Canada feel justified in their approach to dealing with the pandemic. After all, politicians don’t have to work or live under the conditions they demand from their subordinates. The current prime minister of Canada doesn’t have to use any Airport in Canada, and if the Prime minister has to use any PUBLIC service, he gets to use the EXPRESS LINE, so for the Prime Minister, Health care workers, Airport, and Border staff aren’t important, in the Prime Ministers mind he can justify that he’s saving lives.

The problem with this type of thinking is that even the people who might support will speak with their ACTIONS, and currently, the actions of a lot of health care professionals are that they would rather not show up to work; why? Because their reward for showing up for work is more regulations on their actions. Usually, Canadians could get a break from the government and go on vacation. Now, even the Airports have become politicized, the U.S Canada border is politicized, and health care labor unions are clearly politicized.

‘Significant staff shortage’ forces ICU closure at Bowmanville Hospital |

Big Government is the politicization of EVERYTHING, and politics complicate life and regulates activity. Remember, as a health care professional, day in and day out; you have to do your best work! Health care professionals sometimes have the life of someone else in their hands, and if they’re having to deal with the politicization of everything, eventually the pressure breaks you

Long story short, there are staffing shortages in Ontario hospitals., and if you imagine that mass migration will solve this problem, I’d like to remind you that a lot of health care professionals in Ontario and many parts of the country are already VISABLE minorities. If you’re one of those low IQ Left-wing racists, I’m going to explain something to you, all humans have the same desires as white people have; we’re all one species, and give it a few years, and the immigrants that you assumed would do the jobs white people won’t do, for the reasons I outlined above will start to behave similarly to White Liberals.

This is not SOCIAL ENGINEERING; it’s human nature; all humans HATE tyranny; just because some humans may not be able to express their hatred for tyrannical government behavior or may even vote to extend tyrannical behavior, it doesn’t mean they LIKE IT! Canadian media does an excellent job shifting blame from where it needs to be, so if you’re a regular person, instead of painting blame to where it should be, some people might blame the people or entities the media is telling them to blame, which is fine, but the RESULTS are the same.

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The media and other special interest groups lying to people are destroying and destabilizing the country. How does this problem get solved? Well, the Premiers would be wise to start pressuring the Federal government to change course. If we’re to be honest here, a lot of these problems stem from Jagmeet Singh PROPPING UP Trudeau’s Liberals.

Justin Trudeau is NOT popular in Canada, and a lot of people voted for Jagmeet Singh to prevent Justin Trudeau from doing a lot of what he’s doing right now. I have heard Left-wingers in Canada who support everything Justin Trudeau is doing, but in case you missed it, almost every service impacted by the Federal government’s pandemic and climate change regulations in Canada is experiencing hardships with NO SOLUTIONS in sight?

Solving these problems AT THE MOMENT is easy, end the climate and pandemic regulations, but since that’s unlikely, what’s likely to happen moving forward is things get a lot worse before better.

Staff shortages force 14 Ontario hospitals to reduce capacity |

Interesting times ahead!