Government Regulations on The Canadian Economy Causing Consumer Price Inflation Now Being Blamed on Russian Conflict With Ukraine: UN ambassador Bob Rae “It’s going to be more expensive for us living in the world than it was before” – March 28, 2022,

Sorry about the long title, I’ll try to keep the post short, as the title should basically explain the point of this blog post. It recently came to the attention of a lot of Canadians that we’re one of the largest potash producers in the world. 10 Top Potash Countries by Production include Canada, Russia. Belarus, followed by China. There’s a lot Canada does for the world, that contributes to a standard of living.

All of these industries are under attack by Justin Trudeau’s regulations on the economy. Social spending is supposed to equate a HIGHER standard of living and a lower cost of living, but because of the Left Wings obsession with spending everything it makes and running perpetual deficits, Canada, unfortunately, can’t enjoy the fruits of its labor and please spare the nonsense that Deficits don’t matter, because countries like Norway as an example, which don’t have the luxury of bordering with the United States have no deficit.

So at the very least when their government engages in social spending the money isn’t being BORROWED, meaning that during periods like this it doesn’t need to worry about potentially cutting services or raising taxes to pay for services that might be in demand sooner than later. Once you understand the divide in this country, you’ll start to comprehend how annoying “UN ambassadors” sound when they speak.

Bob Rae has a secure retirement, a lot of Canadians are struggling to pay the rent, and one of the main reasons Canadians are struggling to pay the rent is because of PRIOR Big Government social spending programs, that didn’t work out as planned. CMHC hasn’t worked out as planned, prior to CMHC getting involved in the mortgage insurance, Canada, did, have an overvalued housing market which has resulted in an over-valued rental market.

In fact in the 1990s it wasn’t an uncommon scene to witness Condos not being sold, because, during that period, condos weren’t being purchased like stocks destined to appreciate in value. When was the last time the Canadian housing market crashed? In the early 1990s, why then did the Bank of Canada lower interest rates to record levels? Well, not only were other countries lowering them, but the cost of government in the modern era continues to get more expensive.

It’s only been a month since Russia invaded Ukraine, but consumer price inflation has been on the rise since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, Canadians saw a drop in gas prices during Trudeau’s reign as PM, that was due in large part because Donald Trump CUT regulations on the U.S economy and was pro-Oil-and-Gas. Both Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have similar Progressive agendas and these agendas trade on the futures market making oil and gas very expensive.

Canada doesn’t really buy oil from Russia, but Canada has been spending and regulating its economy like crazy, it’s not like the price of oil and gas is the GLOBAL price of oil and gas, it’s mostly the price Western nations are paying, because of dedication to this green agenda. But ofcourse Left Wingers need something to blame for their consumer price inflation.

Why I think the deficit is going to soar and consumer price inflation is going to run rampant, is that it’s likely the Canadian government is going to start sending cheques in the mail, to offset the rising price of gas, but this is ofcourse going to accelerate consumer price inflation. As I like to point out, typically it’s the private banks that print money, Private banks are profit driven, so they’ll usually lend to individuals and entities that are likely to give them a return on investment, but once the government starts printing money and sending checks directly to the people, that constitutes literal money printing and massive malinvestment into the economy, because the average Canadian when they get money from the government are going to use it CONSUME.

The whole point of a fractional reserve banking system to invest our way into prosperity, perpetual deficits/debts by the government are symbolic of a nation on the decline, a nation that can’t even pay its own bills in a currency it creates out of thin air. What typically happens during these scenarios is that people are going to keep looking for easy answers and quick fixes and this is going to inevitably create SHORTAGES.

The Leftist plan is to flood Canada with cheap labor, but, that ship has sailed, we’re running a deficit, there’s a housing shortage, there’s a SKILLED labor shortage, I like to remind people that a lot of the homes and condos being built aren’t even being built by Canadians. Canada had shortage problems long before Trudeau came along, we had a deficit long before Trudeau came along, what Trudeau did was accelerate the problem and this is what’s going to catch a lot of Canadian off guard! The social spending credit card is not only maxed out, but the consumer price inflation genie is also out of the bottle and the only way to put her back in is to CUT social spending.

“It’s going to be more expensive for us living in the world than it was before, because the cost of conflict is very high. And we’re not living in an easy world at the moment,” Rae added.

“The world is a difficult place right now.“
Canadians must confront ‘very high’ cost of conflict with Russia: UN ambassador |

Interesting times ahead!