Great Article By Matthew Lau: Let businesses do business, not social engineering – July 14, 2021,

Canada in general as some very smart people with very high financial IQ’s any of them in the mainstream media, don’t go to the extremes I go to because even if they’re proven right, they’ll be shamed and ridiculed and these people have families to feed.

Money comes and goes, but freedom of speech is something worth fighting for. The money battle is currently lost, for as long as interest rates are allowed to remain at zero percent, the dumbest idea appear to be genius ideas. How the clean-up occurs after these ideas fail in my opinion will benefit people with a high financial intelligence Quotient who understand human behavior.

After reading articles like the one written by Matthew Lau it should be clear to some why a lot of businesses in Canada don’t want to grow. I remember disgraced Finance Minister Bill Morneau attacking our wonderful Canadian doctors labeling them tax cheats, while he hid his Villa in France.

Justin Trudeau is a trust fund baby, most Canadians don’t even know that a Trust Fund is used to avoid paying taxes. Maybe I’m wrong for writing that, maybe a lot of Canadians don’t care that a Trust Fund is used to avoid paying taxes because, after all, Pierre Trudeau in many ways is responsible for the modern welfare state.

That’s what this is all about in case people are wondering why Canadians keep voting for and Justin Trudeau. Voters want something for nothing and in many instances, they’re even willing to accept social engineering as a consequence. Although individuals and legal entities dependent on welfare are the real tax cheats, the government would rather sell you on Doctors trying to profit from their LABOUR being tax cheats.

Lazy people love to have slaves, there are hundreds of thousands of ENTRY-LEVEL jobs that go unfilled in Canada because Canadians on welfare believe these jobs are BENEATH them to do. So whenever a silver-spooned, silver-tongued politician tells people dependent on government welfare that they’re victims in exchange for votes, these welfare-loving Canadians gobble that stuff up, only becoming fearful when a politician threatens to take it away.

Whenever I can, I try to show my gratitude to Canadians who write good articles, because I know they’ll be targeted by the far-left in Canada who per-capita outnumber the Far-Left in the United States. Although it doesn’t seem like it because the far-left in America are far more destructive and violent than they are in Canada, Canada’s far-left social engineering has progressed way further than America.

Matthew Lau: Let businesses do business, not social engineering |

Interesting times ahead!