Great Day For Liberty: The DECENTRALIZED People’s Party of Canada over 5% of total votes, ZERO seats, Conservatives Easily Win Popular vote! Strategic Liberals Win a Minority Government – September 21, 2021,

A great showing for the People’s Party of Canada they got 5% of total votes and had no effect on the Conservative Party of Canada. Conservatives won the popular vote again and there was only one riding in B.C in which the People’s Party of Canada may have cost the Conservatives a seat, but even if the Conservatives had won that seat Trudeau still would have won this election easily.

So Maxime Bernier has definitely found a group of UNIQUE voters, which is pretty interesting. Maxime Bernier lost big in Beauce Quebec and in my opinion that makes Beauce a lost cause for him, Jagmeet Singh was moved so Maxime will want to consider changing ridings as “Albertan from Quebec” isn’t resonating with Quebec voters. Richard Lehoux got 48% of votes to Maxime Berniers 18% so it’s not even close, in fact, I believe Richard Lehoux did better in this election than he did in 2019.

Becoming MP Maxime Bernier in my opinion is very important, I’m not sure how Maxime Bernier does that? But wow! 5% of total votes in such a short amount of time, that’s amazing. What’s also great for people who care about the Conservative Party, it appears Justin Trudeau is even LESS popular than he was prior. I expected Erin O’Toole to win, but “meh” Canada voted, and in a few days, we’ll know the total votes. I’m curious to see the voter turnout numbers and how many more TOTAL votes Erin O’Toole got over Justin Trudeau.

This is a great day I’m satisfied with the PPC I feel really good about the future of this country. To the people upset, the PPC jumped to 5% of the total vote, we’re scattered all across the country and we had ZERO effect on the Conservative Party of Canada! This is a very, very good thing, I’m extremely happy with what we accomplished, of course, I wanted more but to think we got 5% that’s great.

As of the time of this publication, the PPC got more than 500,000 total votes, that’s bigger than a lot of major cities in Canada, that’s a victory and I hope we can build on this! #PPC

Interesting times ahead