The Great Resignation: How Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Destroyed The Incentive Work – July 21, 2021,

Justin Trudeau’s economy as a disaster prior to the pandemic, luckily for Justin Trudeau, Donald Trump was in the white house and at the very least Donald Trump understood that cutting government regulations was good thing for the American economy, price stability and even some price deflation was the norm during Donald Trump’s reign as the U.S President.

But Donald Trump had an ego problem, Donald Trump wanted to stamped next to his name that America had the GREATEST economy ever in the history of mankind while he was president. Of course, this was a political stunt to get reelected, and Donald Trump even went as far as to publically ridicule current Fed-Chair-person Jerome Powell for having the audacity to raise interest rates during what Trump labeled the greatest economy in the history of the world?

Then the pandemic hit in 2020, during an ELECTION year, almost like the financial Gods were punishing Donald Trump for not allowing the U.S economy to get rid of all the bad debt. By hook or by crook, Joe Biden won the 2020 election, but prior to this happening, Donald Trump in fears that the best economy in the history of the world would quickly become the worst economy in the history of the world, gave the okay to send Americans FREE MONEY, in fact, Justin Trudeau was ridiculed by his fellow Leftist ideologues for not being as generous as Donald Trump was with other peoples money.

The problem with Justin Trudeau’s borrowing to buy votes is that Canada is America’s largest trading partner especially when it comes to crude oil (25% of oil imports) and natural gas. Well, f you know anything about Justin Trudeau since taking office, he’s been at war with Canadian energy, which oddly enough is the main contributor to payments to the Canadian government.

So it’s pretty interesting to watch in real-time as prices in Canada for everything begin to rise while Canada’s workforce appears to be transition because Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending has allowed a lot of Canadians to spend money they didn’t earn, with income taxes they didn’t pay but were convinced they did pay.

In Canada “The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)” is a UBI, sure they claim the beneficiaries of this CERB pay or paid an income tax, but that CERB money isn’t tied to any productivity. Canada on the surface appears to be functioning as normal because as many of us have argued, technology has actually made a lot of government employees useless, and the mere fact that Canada could have been shut down for so long with SO MANY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NOT WORKING AT ALL should give you an indication of how expensive the Canadian and U.S government is.

Now, if Canadians were taught financial education in schools, which is purposely committed because it would create generations of TRUE conservatives, productive Canadians who work in the private sector would have far greater purchasing power today, because the cost of living in Canada would be so much lower.

Instead, both Canada and America are being pushed in the opposite direction, more dependent on Government. This trend is heading towards an interesting climax. UBI is socialism and I do remember Donald Trump saying that America would never be a socialist nation, but Trump was eager to send Americans checks in the mail the moment the pandemic became a problem.

These free checks by Donald Trump, set into motion the thoughts of making Universal Basic Income(UBI) a permanent fixture in the economy. UBI already exists in most States and Provinces it’s called Welfare, but Federally it doesn’t exist in either Canada or America, why working-class people tend to avoid state and provincial welfare is that it can be hard to qualify, well a UBI changes all of that, with UBI the entire process was done online, imagine filling out a form online and checks show up in the mail or money is automatically deposited into your bank account? Would you not be tempted to resign from your job?

Making matters worse, if a government check showed up in your bank account and the purchasing power of your fiat dollars only lost a few points, wouldn’t you consider resigning from your job? Being paid to do nothing by the way is how Venezuela ended up in their situation.

You see with socialism, what people tend to forget is that people with higher financial IQ’s under a UBI system quickly realize that being a business owner is the only game in town, but because socialist governments are forced to grow and most business owners prefer being in debt, in time socialists governments soon realize that it’s the wage earner who pay the bulk of taxes and once this group stops participating in the economy in exchange for a free government handout, government revenue drops MASSIVELY.

What this means is that the government’s next target will be to nationalize private businesses in some fashion. This is why I say I’d rather go bankrupt than accept a government loan. I was reading on Twitter both Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(AOC) and Bernie Sanders thought that the U.S embargo on Cuba was why Cubans were so poor. But what this did for me was confirm the low financial IQs of AOC and Bernie Sanders, because Cuba is poor because private businesses are ILLEGAL or better stated, if you open a private business in Cuba, consider it nationalized!


So as is the case now, the Liberal Government of Canada as well as the Democrat Government of the United States, are both looking to change the TAX CODE in hopes to steal more revenue from the productive classes, and give it to the government. In the minds of Austin Trudeau and Joe Biden, they don’t see the trade-off they’re making, they’re only imagining the potential political gains.

This however will backfire, because what Justin Trudeau and the current President of the United States Joe Biden are doing is they’re disincentivizing people to be productive. I used to be a member of a labour union, and it was an open secret not to work overtime to avoid paying excessive taxes. So as former union members we all worked less to avoid paying the government more.

That’s how the real world works, even slaves will find ways to work less for their masters, people work hard when there’s a pot of gold over the rainbow if you remove that pot of gold, your subjects at best will find ways to imagine their pot of gold within the confines of the economy their government creates for them.

The story below, for me, comes across as delusional and reminds me of how economies crashed in the past, but how deceptive the media was in writing about the reasons why the economy crashed. Socialism is nothing new, this always happens when government gets too big, what annoys people like me is how these stories are framed, these stories are framed in a manner to keep people ignorant of what’s happening.

Obviously, I can write an entire book on this subject, but for now, I’ll allow you to read about what’s happening from the so-called experts, who are obviously making things seem like the private sector is to blame for all of this.

Now, what some will argue is that sending free checks was the right thing to do? I ask why? The government by sending checks in the mail has made the rich, richer, the poor, poorer, they’ve debased the money supply, propped up asset prices making housing more unaffordable for the poor and middle class, and disincentivized working for a living? Now more than ever a lot of working-class people are feeling like suckers for working for a boss and these people aren’t exactly entrepreneurial, they’ve merely discovered that they can replace their jobs with a government check. Of course, this is unsustainable, but if you have a low financial IQ you’re not ging to know that!

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Interesting times ahead!