Green party of Canada Leader Annamie Paul says her party’s three MPs will vote against a Conservative motion to create a House of Commons committee – October 21, 2020,

Being perfectly honest, especially after reading this news, I’m not entirely sure if the Green Party even realises that they’d probably have the most to gain in an upcoming election, but anyway, the Green party of Canada will support the Liberals and not have a snap election, her reasoning is that…

‘Paul says the party is voting in what it believes is in the country’s’ best interest now’

Greens to vote against Tory committee, support Liberals |

I believe her, I speculate that maybe the Green Party is broke? Because in my opinion now would be a good time to see if they could overtake the NDP, Annamie Paul doesn’t even have a seat yet in the House of Commons, I’m sure if she ran in British Colombia somewhere she’d get a seat at the expense of the NDP, again I’m not entirely sure what’s going with the Green Party, I think they’re making a tactical error, but that again, socialists are socialist, whether they’re green socialists, democratic socialists or Globalist-Socialists they’re all on the same team, they want to ruin people’s lives, socially engineer society and indebt everyone for what they believe is greater-good!

I suspect Justin Trudeau would in a snap election anyway, so I think the Conservatives are happy, they’re not going to inherit this horrible economy and all of Trudeau’s debts. I personally prefer that the economy crashes under Trudeau’s watch. I have the economy crashing around this time next year or mid-way through 2022.

Joe Biden will accelerate the crash, Donald Trump would delay it, but the global economy is going to crash, the scenario I have is if Joe Biden wins, the U.S dollar will decline, the Canadian dollar will rise and the Canadian economy can’t function on a higher valued Canadian dollar which I believe will force the Bank of Canada to go negative interest rates, which will cause a serious cash-flow crisis.

If Donald Trump wins, I see the entire planet, minus the U.S going into recession, which is going to cause a host of unpredictable economic disasters that will cause a domino effect on the world economy, Trumps America first policies are geared towards the rest of world lowering their trade barriers if Trump gets a second term, the world is going to eventually comprehend that they’re in a U.S dominated debt cash-flow crisis and we’re going to start hearing about developed nations having economic crashes.

This domino effect is going to hit Canada like a ton of bricks because both our public and private sectors are having debt servicing issues, the U.S economy will crash, once Trump and his administration realize that their own policies are going to put the Fed in a position to raise interest rates, as I’ve stated in prior posts, Trump will be the first President I think in US history to leave the white house poorer than when he went in!

Either way, the Canadian economy screwed, and if Conservatives were smart, they’d start to make sure to remind Canadians that the NDP, The Greens, and The Liberals caused the crash! Trudeau’s economic problem is now a Three Stooges problem!

Interesting times ahead!