Growing number of Canadians say they’re feeling the impact of higher interest rates – April 16, 208

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A housing crash is one thing, creditors exiting the Canadian market is something else, the auto loan market and the the unsecured loan credit markets are things I pay attention too, because I don’t think Canadians understand that if solvency begin to rise some financial institutions may simply cut their losses and exit the canadian market. Remember Canada one of the reasons the BoC has interests rates so low is because if the BoC raises interest rates the margins for companies might also go down.

You might say big deal, who cares. well you see most of these subprime lenders are in bed with with the derivative markets, meaning that their profits may already be slim as is. The problem with the derivative markets are rising interest rates, given the choice most people would choose the BoC over the private sector even if the get less, this is why raising interest rates will cause a lot of unforeseen, unexpected problems and because of debt levels the Boc and other central banks can’t mimic the free market anymore, so basically we’re stuck and because inflation means the cost of living is going up a .5% increase in prices for everything can wipe a person on a fixed income out of the game.

Because industries are so regulated this also means that some industries simply aren’t created anymore meaning that older people have even less options equating to a massive problem ahead especially if this inflation continues. Interesting times ahead Canada