GTA housing market poised for spring thaw – April 16, 2018

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When you read the article above, you can clearly see that when I say the Toronto housing market can not go down and can not remain stagnant for a long stretch. If the Canadian housing market ever becomes stagnant for a long stretch it’s game over and it’s the reason why realtors and real estate investors need optimism in the market. Regardless of what you think, you have to know the psyche of people who don’t have hard wired foundational financial education, these people will tell themselves that “it can’t happen to me”.

There are also a lot of young people that believe this higher prices are the norm and there’s no way that things can change. You know what they could be right, because until Canadians say we don’t want all of these subsidies anymore this stuff will continue. The Toronto housing market has already passed the point of no return and like I said, the housing market isn’t the problem. The real problem is the credit market, if parties start to leave the canadian financial markets that’s when it’s game over and because Canada is so reliant on it’s banking sector I have to be honest and say that this thing could be 10 – 20 years before it collapses.

Fundamentals are out of the window and it’s only when the populace learns and accepts that there’s a better way to live that they’ll allow this market to correct. As long as politicians can lie to people, there is nothing slowing this market, sure the market went down in the winter, the market declined last winter also big deal. Canadians for the most part still put their trust in Government so until I see a change in that type of thinking I think this nonsense will continue.