Guaranteed Price Inflation For Canadians after Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland Promises More Spending and NO Tax increases – April 20, 2021,

Maxime Bernier nails it when he tweeted the following

There is no tax increase in
budget to pay for her gargantuan spending. So how will it be funded? With printed money from the

The Bank steals your purchasing power through inflation and gives it to the government. It’s an insidious indirect tax.

The reality is that Canada has two silver-spooned politicians leading the nation. Both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are second-generation politicians, who lived pretty easy lives and never had to balance their own personal budgets let alone balance the books of a nation.

When you skim through the spending of Chrystia Freeland in her budget, it’s obvious she doesn’t know what she’s doing, lucky for her most Leftists in genera believe that budgets balance themselves and as I like to say if you’re already on welfare or already dependent on the government for your survival, why would care if there was price inflation?

If you’re getting more out of the government than you’re putting into it, you’re okay with price inflation. It’s only the proletariat or the working class that are affected by the inflation tax. So to explain inflation taxes, I’ll give you an easy to understand example from an Ontario, let’s say in something costs $1 + tax, well in Ontario the tax is 13%, so the total is $1.13, well if there’s price inflation, not only does the $1 potentially go up to $1.5 but so does the sales tax. So instead of paying $1.13, you end up paying $1.70.

Not a big deal some would say, well, scale that $1.5 to $150 and then add the 13% tax on top of it, what used to be $113 is now $170, what used to be $1130 is now $1700, what used to be $11,300 is now $17,000. If you’re unaware of how the inflation tax causes poverty I just give you a peek.

The private sector usually pays the taxes, but the inflation tax lowers the value of the currency, which means it costs the private sector more to purchase the same goods which the private sector then passes on to the voter because after all Justin Trudeau was DEMOCRATICALLY elected.

If the government turns on the private sector and uses the private sector as the scapegoat, this leads to more private businesses either closing their doors or intentionally scaling back growth. Because both Trudeau and Freeland have arents who spent most of their years working for the government, it’s unlikely they comprehend the damage they’re using to the economy.

But whatever, be warned Canada, inflation is coming, and don’t mistake domestic inflation with the Canadian dollar increasing in value next to the United States dollar. The U.S dollar still goes further in Canada, and Canadian dollars can go further in lesser developed nations. The forex markets should never be confused with fiscal policy!

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Interesting times ahead!