Gun Controls Benefit Criminals: 3 children, 2 adults injured after shooting at toddler’s birthday party at Tandridge Crescent in Toronto’s west-end – June 20, 2021,

Canadian Gun control laws are one of the dumbest laws ever created, especially when people understand that criminals don’t care about the law, criminals show up when the police aren’t around, and the poorest neighborhoods tend to attract the most criminals.

In case people forgot, civilization gets settled when the good guys can stop the bad guys, when the good people are straddled with government regulations like Canadian gun control laws, the criminal elements take over. The Toronto Police I believe are the highest paid in North America, to put this in perspective The average salary for a police officer in Canada is over $100,000 a year, which is even higher than in Switzerland, which takes a much more lax approach to gun legislation.

In Canada, it’s rare that criminals and police have a shootout, why? because the criminal element in Canada is cowardly. Canadians aren’t weak-minded people, an energy still exists here that acts as a repellent to criminality, the issue is that criminals in Canada, know they have an advantage over law-abiding society, in that they(the criminals) can have guns and law-abiding Canadians can’t protect themselves from those illegally purchased guns.

Law-abiding Canadians are not only smart but also fearless, I live in Toronto, these criminals are gutless, I’ve seen them I’ve grown up with them, they’re not impressive AT ALL! It’s merely an issue that they have guns and Justin Trudeau makes it illegal for us law-abiding citizens to defend ourselves.

In America, most of the gun crimes happen in low-income, white, black and Latin neighborhoods, mass shootings are a problem in the United States that is almost non-existent here in Canada, but only recently has black-on-black violence been included as mass shootings in America.

Gun control laws don’t work in America

The reason people were reluctant in the past to include black-on-black crimes as mass shootings is that in America, most of the states and cities with these gun problems have strong gun control laws. Now that defund the police is a thing in the Democrat Run States in America, a lot of Americans are fleeing the Democrat Run States and going to states in which they can at the very least defend themselves from criminals, who again tend to show up when the police are not around.

I go back again to the fact that when the civilian population was allowed to defend itself, criminals weren’t as brazen. When a criminal fears that ANY civilian can return fire, the only hope for the criminal is that a politician rewards said criminal with gun confiscation from private law-abiding citizens.

Again I have to remind the reader that most of the shootings in America happen in Gun-controlled Democrats states and or poor neighborhoods or cities often with Democrat Mayors. In the CIVILIZED world, criminals have to be extremely smart, because if law-abiding citizens are armed said criminal will know in the back of their minds that return fire can come from ANYWHERE!

As I’ve stated I grew up in Toronto, these criminals are not impressive, they’re not gangsters, they’re barely organized and they’re intimidating for one reason only and it’s that most of us law-abiding citizens can’t defend ourselves against them.

I think subconsciously most Canadians comprehend this, the problem is Canadians love them some big government, and this love for big government will accelerate criminality. The area of Tandridge Crescent and many parts of Rexdale which is in the West end of Toronto is known for criminal behavior, I suspect this shooting is gang-related, one idiot saw a rival idiot and saw the opportunity to kill their enemy.

Most of these criminals have zero training in firing a gun, especially the gun they illegally obtained, obviously, they never been to a shooting range, and in order to kill their enemies, these stupid criminals often have to be at a close distance. When firing from a distance these stupid criminals are fearful of return fire and that’s usually why their nervous trigger fingers shoot without aiming at a target.

As I said, they’re cowards and it’s unlikely in Canada they’d be a problem if Canadians could at the very least DEFEND themselves from them. Most law-abiding Canadians are open to gun training, prior to gun ownership, it’s not like we’re being unreasonable here. The issue is of course criminalizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners for political points. To those of you who want the government to have a monopoly on guns? Be careful what you wish for, government usually creates more problems than it solves!

3 children, 2 adults injured after shooting at toddler’s birthday party in west-end Toronto |

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