Gun Controls Benefit Criminals: Mass shooting in Mississauga Ontario 1 dead and 4 injured – May 30, 2021,

Growing up in Toronto, I’ve personally known 5 people who died via gun violence and in all situations, the KILLER who fired the gun is walking free in the year 2021. Canadian laws are a joke and I also like to mention that there’s a shortage of correctional officers in Ontario, so from an economics perspective often times the government is incentivized to release KILLERS on good behavior to save money.

Because Canadian voters, in general, are idiots, who believe that when their governments enact gun controls, that these gun controls will somehow suppress the criminal element, Canada continues to destroy herself. I like to point out that Canada and America are not the same, most of the violence in America comes from the Black American and Latino population many of whom live in government housing.

I often write about minimum wages, because prior to the minimum wage law, kids had jobs, the leftists will argue that young people working for non-union wages are being exploited, but the whole purpose of our economic system is to keep people’s contributions to society, Leftist being that they’re greedy revolve their entire ideology on government control and the confiscation of rights and freedom.

The Left however does do a good job framing their arguments to the desires of low IQ individuals. For example, if you give your government the power to enact gun controls greater society will be better off. Most people fall for this nonsense and it’s why a mass shooting in the modern era is only considered a mass shooting when the shooter is white.

If the shooter or the shooters are non-white according to the media, the shooting is just an isolated innocent and the public shouldn’t be concerned. Had the shooter been white, and the deceased non-white, this would have been framed as a possible hate crime.

But because the shooters appear to be criminals, the entire incident is framed in a different manner, why? Because it can’t be politicized, Trudeau can’t go on stage and ban water guns, because his voter class, deems it unkind to point out that a certain segment of the Canadian population is responsible for most of the violent crimes.

Criminals usually aren’t so brazen when they know anyone can be armed. Now, in America, some criminals genuinely don’t care if society at large is armed, however, in Republican-led states, the law is enforced so if the incident in Mississauga happened in Republican State chances are the shooter wouldn’t see the light of day.


I also like to point out that part of the reason criminality is so high in the United States is because of the Democrats’ defense of criminality. America is still a democracy and often Democrats in Republican states will fight like hell for Criminals to be let free.

Gun controls equate to criminals having an unfair advantage over law-abiding citizens, no law-abiding gun owner wants to shoot or kill anyone. Because of my insurance rates and the cost associated with speeding I don’t even speed when I’m driving my car. Even if I don’t agree with a law I abide by it and this puts me at a disadvantage to people who think obeying the law is for suckers.

So now 1 person is dead and 4 people are wounded because criminals don’t care about the law and know they have an upper hand on civil society. I hope one day Canadians can improve their IQ and stop believing that politicians are smarter than the rest of us.


1 dead and 4 injured after Mississauga restaurant shooting, police say |

Interesting times ahead!