The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Hackers strike ‘GiveSendGo’ website targeting Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” fundraising, Hackers use fear tactic threaten to release private and personal information of donors – February 14, 2021,

When you’re in the eye of the storm, it is what it is, as many of us know George Soros and other Globalist organizations, as well as smaller organizations who imagine they’re doing what they’re doing for “the greater good”, are hoping to strike fear in the hearts and minds of their opposition, what they’re forgetting is that they’re actually making people more decentralized.

Tyrants are like viruses, it’s always seek and destroy with these weirdos, they have no interest in negotiating lol, it’s always attack, attack, attack. So here’s the thing, the internet, online payment processors, personal and private information, technology in general, great for humanity, but there are humans all over the world living without it, so yes, it’s an inconvenience, yes maybe releasing people’s person or private information is embarrassing and uncomfortable, for some, but ultimately “meh” people will get over, this will make GREAT conversation though, and will definitely help us to spread the message of liberty. The hackers gave us a gift! It’s a lot easier to spread the message of liberty when hackers do dumb shit like this


The tyrants showed their hand, now what? It’s not like freedom fighters are just going to roll over and die? Yes, observing or experiencing certain events is shocking, but then you settle down and recognize the situation for what it is… Some nerds who are very talented behind a computer are trying to scare us? Well, alrighty then, mission accomplished, let’s continue to fight for freedom.

Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act for first time ever in response to protests |


Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has officially gone full-blown tyrant, basically becoming a dictator, simply because he refused to meet with peaceful protestors. So again, the tyrants amongst us are showing us their hands, and they’re doing this early in the resistance. For many of us, we’ve become used to this nonsense, tyrants are nothing new, but I’m glad more people are becoming consciously aware of tyrannical behavior because if times are good and I write about tyrants, nobody cares, because times appear to be good, but because of these hackers, more Canadians will be aware that our freedoms and liberties are under attack.

So in a way I’m thank for these nerdy hackers, they’ve done more to further the cause of Liberty than they know!

Interesting times ahead!