happybidday.com Review Is It a Scam

When one penny auction website goes down another one emerges from the wreckage. Now to keep this post as short as possible i first want to say if you are going to participate in ny penny auction website understand that there is some risk involved. The risk comes in the form of purchasing a Happybidday.com bid package. Before purchasing a bid package my personal advice is to read their terms and conditions which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of their page or by going to happybidday.com/terms.php. The section in their terms and conditions i would pay closest attention to is the section that reads “purchasing Bids” where it says “Bid Packs expire 6 months from purchase date and are non refundable“.

Understanding The real Cost of Penny Auctions

I’ve written on the subject of penny auctions before and what stands out to me is how misled people are about penny auctions. Penny auctions from my understanding make their money from the bid packs. So if you pay $100 for a bid pack unless you win a prize valued at $100 you actually lose. Most people will say i won a $25 gift card so it was worth it? I do see how a $25 gift card is worth a $100 bid pack. From my perspective penny auctions are mixture of casino’s and chuck e cheese. Bringing the kids to Chuck e cheese you quickly learn that money is exchanged in the form of tokens which kids use to play games and win tickets which they can use to exchange for gifts.

On a penny auction websites users purchase bid packs and are granted credits. Happybidday.com(what a great website name lol) the higher the price of the bid pack you’re purchasing the less you pay per bid so their bid pricing system fluctuates between $0.50 and $0.90 depending on your bid pack. From my perspective this just shows me the risk involved. Have you ever been to Las Vegas Casino before? In Las Vegas Casino the owner holds all the cards, if you’re winning too much the owner can put a stop to that even if you’re doing it fairly.

I will again refer to the Happybidday.com terms this time i will target the section that reads “PARTICIPATION AND DISQUALIFIACTION ” in that section there is a portion that reads and I quote “HappyBidDay reserves the right to temporarily or permanently disqualify a User, or disable their account at any time, for any reason or no reason, with or without notice”. I mean at least at a casino you have a chance to win real overly taxed money!!!.

If you’re going to join Happybidday.com join just for fun

Personally i don’t like people telling me to do with my money so i won’t tell you, my opinion is that penny auctions from my perspective only make sense if you’re the owner. Users or supposed experts of penny auctions will tell people to start off trying to win something small and then work your way up? Yea so waste money purchasing bid packs so i can buy the cheapest item on the website??? to me that sounds both time consuming and costly. So from me to you if you’re going to sign up do it just for fun don’t make it a habit just my 2 cents

Please leave your comments and your experience with happybidday.com it helps others.