HappyBidDay.com Review – Is it a scam?

HappyBidDay is a an addition to the growing number of penny auction websites. It takes less than a minute to register and it’s totally free. Once you sign up, you immediately receive 50 free bids and automatically enrolled in their Rewards Program.

It works the same way with other penny auction sites where you need to purchase credits in order to bid on items. The price of the bids can range from 50 to 80 cents, depending on the bid package that you want.

More about HappyBidDay.com

The site features two different types of auctions. One is the usual penny auction called One Cent Auction and the other one, the Happy Auctions which allow users to use their free bids.

The way One Cent Auction works is nothing different from the usual penny auction process. Here, paid credits are used to bid on an item and each bid raises the item’s price and adds a few seconds in the countdown timer.

The last person to bid wins the chance of buying the item on it’s last auction price. The buyer has 3 days to purchase the item. If the item is not purchased within 3 days, it will be removed from the successful bidder’s cart but the credits will not be refunded.

Happy Auctions, on the other hand, is the other type of auction that users can take part of using their free bids from the Rewards Program. You will be awarded with free bids by logging everyday and referring your friends. You’ll also be given an additional 100 free bids on your birthday.

Final thoughts on HappyBidDay.com

What makes HappyBidDay.com more appealing among penny auction website users is its generous free bids. There are free bids after signing up, for everyday logging in, for referring your friends, and even on your birthday.

Aside from the free bids, there’s really nothing new with this penny auction site. It works the same way as the others do.

Please leave your comments or your experience with HappyBidDay.com below; it helps others.

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