HarrisPollOnline.com Review – Is it a scam?

Harris Poll Online is a website that claims to provide an opportunity for users to influence decision makers in the fields of government, business, and non-profits. It’s the online division of Harris Interactive, a global market research company.

Registration is needed before you could get started at Harris Poll Online. Signing up is free of charge and is easy to accomplish. You only have to provide your name and email address. Anyone, as long as they are at least 13 years of age and with verifiable email address, can sign up.

How Harris Poll Online Works

Once you sign up, you are automatically enrolled in their appreciation program, which will provide you opportunity to earn HIPoints simply by completing surveys. HIPoints can be redeemed for prizes and gift certificates.

Members of Harris Poll Online usually receive 3-4 survey invitations per month. Each survey can be accomplished between 5 and 25 minutes. Individuals with special areas of interest or certain characteristics may qualify for more surveys in a month.

Other than earning HIPoints, members of the website will also get the chance to win cash prizes between $250 and $1,000 in the site’s HIStakes Sweepstakes.

Final thoughts on HarrisPollOnline.com

While there are no reports from users of having been charged for the said ‘free’ registration, there are imposters and scammers who have been using the name of the website for illegal purposes. Some of these scams include those online ads from Harris/Decima. These posted ads are false and are in no way connected to either the website or to Harris Interactive.

Please leave your comments or your experience with HarrisPollOnline.com below; it helps others.

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