HBTPublications.com Review – Is it a scam?

Established in 1990s, HBT Publications of HBTPublications.com is a website that claims that anyone could earn money from home by signing up in the opportunity that they are offering. It turns out that this money-making opportunity that they have is on becoming “Independent Commissioned Mailers.” According to them, this opportunity will allow you to earn money without any limitation.

How Does It Work?

In order to become one of their independent commissioned mailers, you have to sign up and pay their one-time fee for registration ($35). You will then be provided with a kit to get started. The kit includes a brochure, envelopes, and order forms for their “Free Mailers Program.” Every envelope is already addressed and stamped so you don’t have to worry of the cost of postage or mailing.

HBT Publications claim that they won’t have you sell products, send items that are illegal or something that you don’t approve of, and they won’t ask you to handle the customer service part. They further claim that aside from earning $5 for each sent envelope, you will be provided with commissions for the sale although this wasn’t explained in detail in their website.

Final thoughts on HBTPublications.com

With the lack of details for the opportunity they offer, it would be safe to get into your own independent search with this opportunity. This is also to find better ways or opportunities that will allow you to do the same line of work. It’s also worth to note that there has been negative criticisms regarding the opportunity being offered by HBTPublications.com.

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