Health Canada approves Pfizer anti-viral pill for the treatment of COVID-19 (The unvaccinated are high on the priority list) – January 17, 2022,

Tam said the unvaccinated are high on the priority list because they are more likely to end up in hospital with severe illnesses.

The drug has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization for people provided they receive the drug within five days of their first symptoms.

The treatment is greenlighted for adult patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 who are also at high risk of becoming more seriously ill. Health Canada did not authorize it for use on teenagers and it is not intended for use on patients who are already hospitalized because of COVID-19.

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Paxlovid is a treatment that uses a combination of drugs to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from replicating once it has infected a patient. It consists of two pills, taken twice a day for five days.

Health Canada has approved Pfizer’s drug Paxlovid as a treatment for COVID-19. |