Hey Western Canada Quebec is showing you how it’s Done: Protesters rally in Montreal to defend French language – November 29, 2020,

Most Canadians know that Quebec’s standard of living would drop tremendously if they left Canada, I personally hate the idea of a devalued loonie to pay for Quebec socialism, but Quebec managed to win that fight via transfer payments and other government protections, which allow insolvent Quebec corporations to have monopolies over the Canadian economy.

How do you get your people to rally around theft? You create something romantic, in Quebec’s case, they don’t even have to create something romantic, they speak french or Quebecois, that’s romantic enough, screw those low life English speakers and their pursuits of profits, we want to protect our French culture and while we’re at it, we’re going to protect everything else at the expense of those evil oppressive English speakers bombarding us with these English speaking immigrants, yuck!

That’s how it’s done Western Canada, there’s nothing romantic about economics, especially when the option of welfare is a foregone conclusion. In Western Canada as I’ve stated in other posts, they also want protectionism, so once you want protectionism, your argument automatically fails, because there’s nothing unique or romantic about protectionism, Liberty, if Alberta was fighting for Liberty and Freedom, well that’s a whole new ball game.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Albertans are complacent with Jason Kenneys’ complacency, Western Canadians don’t want to dump their benefits of government. Although Albertans put more in than they take out, they’re scared to sever that relationship, whereas on the surface it appears Quebecers don’t care.

I like to compare the story of the obedient child vs the spoiled child, the obedient child fears the parent even if the obedient child is bigger, stronger, and smarter than the parent. The spoiled child disregards the parents’ perception of control altogether and forces the parents to be on the defense, show me that you care the way you claim you do, the spoiled child shouts, I will use all the weapons at my disposal to make you kneel at my feet says the spoiled child, you, after all, brought me into existence, so prove that you love me, the way you claim.

Now with every passing year, the spoiled child gets weaker and the obedient child stronger, but that doesn’t mean that the obedient child will have a better life, both children after all have to die sometime, and the way the story ends could be lost in the interpretation of the story. You get what you’re willing to fight for, that’s how the adult world works!

There’s nothing wrong with being submissive, but pretending you’re not is just foolish. If Alberta and Western Canada continue to support the Conservative Party of Canada, while the People’s Party of Canada exists, I think they deserve everything that happens to them. Quebec doesn’t have an economic leg to stand on and look at them, they fight and fight and fight!

Protesters rally in Montreal to defend French language | montrealgazette.com

Interesting times ahead