The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

High Probability Maxime Bernier Could Be Contender For Prime Minister of Canada in 2025 as Erin O’Toole Burns Bridges, But… Maxime must win Beauce – September 6, 2021


The Conservative Party is burning bridges and it’s been interesting to watch. 2021 is more of a strategic voting season, I suspect the Conservative Party MIGHT win by default, as independents clearly want to get rid of Justin Trudeau in a similar manner they wanted to get rid of Stephen Harper.

Even if Justin Trudeau wins this election, 4 more years of this? People are really starting to hate his guts, the people who support Trudeau support him no matter what, but those who oppose Trudeau really hate his guts.

Then there’s Erin O’Toole who is finding himself in a bad position, as he’s trying to play both sides of the fence, after all, the goal of the conservative Party of Canada is to win, even if it means to lie, let’s be honest Justin Trudeau has lied and been involved in many a corruption scandal and it’s benefited him greatly.

What Erin O’Toole has done masterfully thus far is stayed on the good side of the mainstream media, by basically presenting himself as Justin Trudeau’s fiscally Conservative-Liberal brother. Erin O’Toole is about 1 year younger than Justin Trudeau, which means he and Justin grew up during the same period in Canada.

The problem with Andrew Scheer was Scheer was about a decade younger than Justin Trudeau, Scheer only turned 42 this year, he’s almost a millennial, although Trudeau and Scheer appeared to be the same age, they weren’t, so there were times in which Trudeau could outclass Scheer on the grand stage, Erin O’Toole and Trudeau grew up in the same period of time, although it may not seem like it, O’Toole is shadowing Trudeau and emerging in topics that the conservative Party machine believes is relevant to Canadian voters.

Most Canadian voters, unfortunately, don’t care about easing Gun Control laws and the Conservative Party of Canada knows this based on polling data, which is why Erin O’Toole continues to speak incoherently around particular issues, now, for someone like me, this is unacceptable, but when it’s all said and done I suspect most Conservative Canadians are going to check the box for Erin O’Toole,

Andrew Scheer had a very similar strategy as Erin O’Toole and he won the popular vote, Trudeau isn’t popular in Canada and the “Trudeau” brand might be killed after this election. If I were part of the Conservative Party of Canada I’d give Erin O’Toole high praise, he’s doing what a soldier is supposed to do, WIN!

But winning at what cost is a better question? although most Canadians will vote for O’Toole to get rid of Trudeau, if Erin O’Toole is proven to be Liberal-lite while he’s Prime Minister, Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada could realistically become serious contenders in 2025, But… Maxime Bernier or one of his Party members need to win a seat in this 2021 election.

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Maxime Bernier must focus on winning Beauce, it’s extremely important and nothing would be more powerful than for Erin O’Toole to become Prime Minister and for Maxime Bernier to win a seat, which would end the vote splitting debate.

Now, let’s say Justin Trudeau wins this election, Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada must win a seat it’s really that simple. It doesn’t matter what seat they win, they need to win a seat if they don’t, Canadians will look at them with the same skepticism as they do now.

Winning changes everything and currently Canada appears to be in a State of flux, freedom of speech is a serious threat for Leftists, it always has been, it always will be. Leftists are top-heavy, they want the government to control the narrative, control speech, but controlling speech stifles innovation.

One of the main reasons why America is the innovation capital of the world, often taking Canada’s best and brightest is that freedom of speech is extremely important to Americans even more important than money. In Canada, Pierre Trudeau was a champion for Freedom of Speech, his son Justin, is not, his son is a Leftist, it’s unlikely that Justin Trudeau knows what a Liberal is.

But the internet is waking a lot of people up to CLASSICAL Liberal values and this completely destroys Leftism. Maxime Bernier currently represents freedom of speech in Canada, the Gun control debate as uncomfortable as it is for many Canadians to revisit is a freedom of speech issue.

a large segment of LAW ABIDING Canadian gun owners have been silenced and Erin O’Toole has promised to keep them silenced, now for many of these Gun owners, 2021 might be a strategic election, because as everyone in Canada knows, without Justin Trudeau the Liberals have NOTHING!

If Canadians can STOMP OUT the “Trudeau” Brand what’s left is the rag-tag Liberal Party? Pierre Trudeau only lost one election in 1979 and in those years scandals meant something, PM Joe Clark got caught in budget scadal that would be considered peanuts today, and because an election was forced Pierre Trudeau soon won and got a majority government in 1980, almost erasing the defeat on his record.

This is what solidified Pierre Trudeau and is one of the reasons the “Trudeau” brand means something in Canada. But Justin Trudeau is nothing like his father, he’s his own man, the Conservative Party has evolved. Unfortunately, I believe they’re evolving to beat Trudeau and their evolution will alienate Conservatives moving forward.

When I attend freedom rallies in Canada there aren’t as many Conservatives there I thought there’d be, most of the people are independents, NDP people, and of course PPC supporters. Erin O’Toole in my view could easily become hated in the next 2 years if he governs like Justin Trudeau and a lot can happen for Maxime Bernier in 4 years that could make him a serious contender in 2025

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Interesting times ahead!