Higher Energy Prices: Hydro One reaches contract agreement with a union representing 1,800 employees – June 28, 2021,

Although I’m not a fan of Labor Unions, I personally believe they have a right to exist in the Private Sector. Hydro One Limited is a stock worth considering adding to your portfolio in the future as one thing is for certain, the price of energy will be going up for as long as humans are dumb enough to believe that a TAX and not a green incentive is the best way to combat man-made climate change, which I still argue is a corporatist scam, lobbyist groups used to sucker the public into paying the government more for taxes things that the government will then give to select Private corporations.

If climate change were real, what would happen is the government would offer 1 trillion(or some other large sum of money) for companies to build sustainable green energy sources. What this would do is pass all the risk over to the investors and absolve the poor and middle class of this perpetual climate change tax. It’s not like what I just wrote is some new idea, governments have done this before when threatened with war. If these scam artists genuinely believed in climate change, they’d approach it like our planet was threatened with war.

What the carbon tax scam does is it provides a welfare cash flow scheme that allows certain corporations to grow their balance sheets as well as their influence in a similar way as Tesla Inc. As I like to point out Tesla Inc. still hasn’t made a profit, but Elon Musk is flush with cash, because similar to these climate change scams that will be emerging everyone knows the government is going to bail out Tesla whether it’s profitable or not.

The Paris Climate Agreement is one of the biggest corporatist scams ever created and in many ways, it was backed by a lot of labor unions. I’d be lying if I said that I knew how this story ends, but as many people know prior to Nikola Tesla, Direct Current was going to be the preferred choice, Direct Current as many people know is more DECENTRALIZED than Alternating Current and had we chosen the Direct Current model, I’m pretty sure that by now the private sector would have already had multiple CLEAN energy sources.

As I like to point out, a nuclear powerplant doesn’t have to be as large as it is it’s large primarily because of the alternating current centralized power grid. Engineers tend to learn in the manners their superiors educate them, which in many ways is to appease the private sector. Under a direct current model, the energy industry may have resembled the tech industry.

Solar Panels can be bought on the retail level, I’d argue and that energy would mirror this also, I love Solar water heaters and even if let’s say there were areas in which A/C electricity is preferred, it would have been designated to particular areas of the economy. Instead what we have is this giant centralized energy grid, which obviously benefits Hydro One and in this instance their unionized employees.

With all that said, Justin Trudeau has been rewarding a lot of Canadians for not working, and fiat price inflation is a problem, so I can’t blame Hydro One workers for making sure that they’re properly compensated. Again for myself, I have no problem with private-sector labor unions that by the way are SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, my issues with Labour unions stem from the Public sector Labor unions.

Fiat price inflation in Canada is guaranteed at this point, meaning that Canadian dollars are going to buy less in Canada in the future. If you haven’t done so yet, consider preparing for your Canadian dollars to lose their purchasing power.

Hydro One reaches contract agreement with union representing 1,800 employees | msn.com

Interesting times ahead