Higher Prices In Fiat Dollars Equate to ECONOMIC DEFLATION: Prices rise because of the regulations YOUR government puts on the Economy, if you hate austerity measures prepare for consumer price inflation

To start I want to explain to the reader the NEGATIVES of a market and/or Capitalist economy. The downside to a capitalist economy is RAMPANT DEFLATION. What makes a capitalist or market economy superior to every other system of economics is INNOVATION, now, if you’re unaware of the downsides of innovation you should know via labor unions, that innovation threatens JOB SECURITY.

In the 1960s there was a cartoon called the Jetsons, in this cartoon series it predicted that MIDDLECLASS humans would have their own personal JETS, the Jetsons made a lot of bold predictions about the future of humanity based on the trajectory of INNOVATIONS during that period of time. What prevents most innovations from becoming realities are GOVERNMENT interventions.

Government interventions stunt economic growth. There are low IQ individuals who imagine as an example that the continent of Africa or South America or countries like India or poor because the humans in these countries have low IQs. The truth is these continents and countries are poor because of their government’s SOCIALISTIC policies.

To keep this post as short as possible, socialism used in this post is merely the government intervening in the free market to benefit people the government deems worthy of an economic benefit at the expense of the innovative people of the world.

The Internet started in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to share information

It’s important to remember that the government doesn’t create anything, private PROFIT DRIVEN individuals sell the government things to enrich themselves. Anyway, the Internet started in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to share information, now I really want you to think about that for a moment. The government was sitting on the internet since the 1960s, meaning that had the internet been allowed to flourish from way back then, and humans could share information from way back then, imagine how advanced the world would have been right now.

It wasn’t until 1981, that market forces got a hold of the internet and now, we’re living in a world in which AMAZON INC. is one of if not the richest company on the planet primarily because of the INTENET. Even the logistics related to Amazon inc. are reliant on the internet. Now, Amazon is actually DEFFLATIONARY to the economy, because it’s actually kept prices down.

Left-wing socialists in case you haven’t been paying attention have been hell-bent on UNIONIZING Amazon, why? Because the wealthier humans get or I should say the better our standard of living gets the harder it is for governments to recreate Socialists hell-holes, and pretend like the government is the hero of the story.

If you’re a resident of a developed nation, the only time you like the government is when it does something for you, the private sector in a developed nation does something for you every single day, the private sector is so good for your standard of living that you often take it for granted or imagine that no matter what action the government takes, a privately owned profit-driven company will still be there waiting on you hand and foot.

This fallacy exists in the minds of most humans because they do not have a financial education. Robert T. Kiyosaki(richdad.com) built an entire company off of this concept of FINANCIAL LITERACY and why it’s omitted from public school systems because most people have no SOUND financial education, they often confuse fiat money with sound money backed by something like Gold.

Financial education, confusing Fiat Money with Real Money, why price and economic deflation are different

If you drop a Gold coin on the ground it makes a sound, now why most people don’t like a sound form of money like Gold and Silver is because it would be hard to carry around, the other reason is ofcourse theft. Similar to Bitcoin if you lose your Gold and/or Silver it’s gone. Sure maybe you can put some insurance on that Gold and Silver but there’d be a trade off mechanism in place if your Gold or Silver go missing.

So of course people began leaving their real money in the form of Gold and Silver in central locations and this obviously led to a paper money system. Now, I’m skipping through history here, you’d have to do your own research to learn the specifics, but China was the first country to have a paper money system.

The point of a paper money system isn’t to have money necessarily backed by Gold and Silver but the paper was supposed to represent a store of value. I can exchange this paper that is backed by Gold and Silver to use to purchase something of value n the marketplace.

Now, governments and power hungry people saw a paper money system as a system they wanted to have complete control over. So in time, a rule by fiat money system was created, we know it today as fiat money and fiat money in the context of this blog post should never be confused with real money which means that fiat money is merely HIDING DEFLATION.

There only real method to prevent DEFLATION in a capitalist society is via INNOVATION, this is why if you watch the jetsons everything is about IMPROVING oneself improving the human condition, that’s the point of a market economy. Deflation in the money supply is only a problem if you’re UNPRODUCTIVE or uncooperative. In a free society, you have the right to be as lazy and as unproductive as you want, the problem is that when you’re unproductive you shouldn’t be trying to STEAL from the people who are productive.

To avoid humans figuring out that the government is merely trying to take from productive people and give to the unproductive people, the government INTENTIONALLY keeps people ignorant about financial education. So the average person and this also includes working-class people do not understand that government intervention in the marketplace causes poverty ALL OVER THE WORLD.

THEFT IS THEFT, just because the thief is given a fancy name like “Federal Reserve Chair” or “Central Bank Governor” doesn’t mean they haven’t been installed to oppress you. Just because you call someone President Joe Biden or President Donal Trump doesn’t mean that they’re not stealing from you. When President Trump starts talking about “trying negative interest rates” or President Joe Biden talks about a “Build Back Better Recovery Plan, being free” these men are stealing from society in plain sight, but you’d only know that if you had basic financial education.

One must also know that the subject of economics taught in school is based on economic THEORIES, and every economist has the liberty to align their economic views with an economic theory they may not have practiced but still believe in ideologically. What I’m getting at here is that any political leader can find economists who agree with their theft ideals.

In closing, inflation is a temporary event that occurs primarily because of innovation doesn’t last indefinitely in a market economy. Inflation is only prolonged when a central power source has control over the money supply. Prices rise because of government interventions, government regulations, government taxes artificially and often PERMANENTLY raise the COST OF DOING BUSINESS.

In a free-market economy, government regulations can’t permanently raise the cost of ANYTHING, because that would be the government overstepping its boundaries. The government is merely supposed to protect our liberties, freedoms, and PROPERTY, that’s what a government’s role is supposed to be in a free society. When the government oversteps these boundaries, you get price inflation.

In a market economy, there is competition so if there is a way to DRIVE DOWN PRICES or create deflation in the marketplace for a profit, someone will do it. this is why capitalism is inherently DEFLATIONARY. Most people do not want to talk about the downside of capitalism, because they do not believe in financial education.

A lot of people subscribe to the “Let sleeping dogs lie” mantra, I subscribe to the public library has been around for decades and most people still don’t use it mantra. Meaning that if you’re a believer in FREEDOM and free-market capitalism you should be flooding the market with FREE EDUCATION! You bankrupt socialists by exposing what they’re doing.

You won’t be doing anyone any favors by not telling them that Capitalism is deflationary and the way to fight deflation is to be financially educated. Poverty exists in the mind and starts when you violate natural laws. Animals are bound by their laws, humans have the option to pursue liberty. Your job as a liberty lover should always be to defend liberty. If a certain segment of the population wants to be socialist, you should have the liberty to secede from those people.

If those people do not want to grant you the liberty of secession, you’re living under tyranny and you should recognize it so you don’t live your life in ignorance!