Hitlink.com review – Is it a scam?

Starting a successful traffic exchange is a very hard thing to do because typically members will become inactive if they don’t see any results. One of the reasons traffic exchanges like EasyHits4U for example have continued to grow is because they have a portion to their traffic exchanges which allows members to get paid after they’ve surfed a certain amount of websites.

Of-course this is a small amount however users like the fact that they can make money online just by viewing websites, what i find users like most among other features is that they can make money without referring anyone because lets be honest most users would rather not refer if they don’t have too! All that said Hitlink has managed to grow steadily in 2013.

Personal thoughts regarding Hitlink.com

Hitlink.com is a straight traffic exchange website at first glance i thought it was structured similarly to EasyHits4U but it’s not also it can’t be compared to a Traffic Swarm either. Instead it’s a simple traffic exchange system where the only way members can earn commissions currently in 2013 is via Direct Referrals. Clearly from what I can tell Hitlink is legit and not a scam however the better question to ask at this point is what makes them standout among their competitors?

Final thoughts regarding Hitlink.com

Hit link is a good social traffic exchange however it’s a website I will be recommending at this time as I’m currently not understand where they provide benefit to their members that gives members the incentive to refer a friend. Typically most traffic exchanges have a multi level commission structure to give users more incentive to tell a friend who in turn will tell a friend the incentive in that case is not only more commissions but more traffic as well.

Hitlink.com has lots of potential however I think I will pass on them for now!

Please leave your comments or experiences with Hitlink.com below it really does help others!

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