Is Hits4pay a Scam or Not

To start Hits 4 pay is NOT a scam. When I first joined honestly I wasn’t sure, so my first month I didn’t do much my inbox had a bunch of 2 cent emails in there and well I clicked on only a few because my thinking at that time was whatever, they’re not going to pay me anyway. But I kept getting messages in my inbox saying you have mail. So eventually I got hooked and it became a ritual I started clicking every day.

Then before you know it I had $20 in my account BUT… I missed the threshold for that month It was my fault pure laziness anyway so I reach about $33 and so I say to myself ok I’m comfortably past threshold payment Now let’s see if these guys will pay me, so I didn’t click another link. Low and behold yesterday I get an email saying you have money from PayPal.

Hits4pay compared to other Paid to read email  programs

Now I’m in a few other programs so at first I thought it wasn’t from them, but then I said to myself it would be kind of early because I’m not due for any of them until January 2010(it’s December 16, 2009 as I’m writing this blog note) So I checked the email and well there you have it $27.05 for doing practically NOTHING. Now some of you who are members of some of these low paying Paid to Email websites this is mostly for you. This is me a fellow Paid to read emails user telling you STOP WASTING your time. Also I’ve been saying this for years now. If the company pays more than 2 cents usd per email it’s a SCAM.

Business wise it just can’t happen; any company promising you such things obviously have never balanced a check book. If a company pays you anything over 2 cents per email they are already teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. I see online companies saying we will pay you $100 per email. Oh please! It’s just not possible; I’ve been in this business since 1999 do any of you remember “anniesbiz, or “Karmic cash” I do because they were the rare companies at that time that would actually pay their members. There were others but they would pay you like 1/10 of a cent per email which is just not worth my time.

Is professional and do they pay?

When you join hits4pay you’ll notice everything about it is more professional it’s a real work at home job. When you join a company like this, make a vow like I do. Plan to never buy anything online with your own money. If you live in Canada, The United States, Germany, U.K, or Australia there is just no reason to have to pay any bills online. There are so many sources that will pay you just for your time.

Some of surveys I do are so easy and we’re talking $3.00usd per survey, 10 Surveys and my internet bill is covered. It’s too easy. Anyway Hits4Pay is NOT a scam it’s a legitimate business I have proof this is my full review so I will also let you know that results will vary. I’m not going to tell you everybody will have the same results as me.

1 Sign up per computer

Also DO NOT sign up with Hits4Pay twice, if you and your brother, sister, wife, husband, share the same computer only sign up one account per computer, IP’s are checked and you will miss out. Also this is a big thing when you have mail read it the same day meaning check your account every day. Emails are deleted frequently, like today when I actually got paid I wanted to click some emails in my inbox. Nope! I couldn’t, they were no longer there and this isn’t the first time that’s happened to me but now that I know they pay I will be more active.

Final thoughts on Hits4pay

One very nice thing about Hits4pay is You DO NOT have to refer anyone which I tend not to do for any program until after they Pay Me, Although in this case I recommend you refer people to Hits4pay which I will help you do if you sign using my link below its 2 tier and regardless if you sign up with me or not you will be issued a referral so in my opinion being that I will help you I would sign up with me.

Also Hits4pay IS NOT a get a rich quick scheme its Legit but I’m sure many of you can make some good monthly income with this one so let’s do it together. Hits4pay is completely free and if you want to make more than a few messily dollars a month online join

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