HomeJobPlacement Scam

become an “auction entry specialist” gee I wonder what these scammers will come up with next. This type of work at home business for one is extremely risky and can actually cause your account to get suspended at ebay.  How it works is they make you list items on ebay and when a customer purchases an item they “The Company you choose to sign up with” get the money they then don’t ship whatever item your selling to the customer and then when people on ebay scream scam you are the one that gets in trouble. There are other ways this can happen to i just find this and any business like it to be a complete waste of time and money.

If you’ve signed up i would recommend canceling immediately. Also allow me to educate a bit on how things work online. At the moment we are in the gold rush stage of the internet. Actually one of the best times to make your living online is right now. The idea is you don’t want to fall under someone elses system.Meaning  “You don’t want to pay someone to pay you back with a promise” If you seriously want to learn how to make money online you have to learn how to become independent. You also have to learn how to target markets I have a site that can help you make money online free of charge. If your interested contact me below you don’t need a credit card or anything to get started.

If you want to get into selling things on ebay i recommend visiting this website click here it’s allot cheaper you only pay onetime and on top of this you really become your own boss. However in this day and age making money on ebay is very competitive I used this link to open my own little shop in a flea market where i live.

If your going to get into dropshipping remember the way to go long term is wholesale. I’m bring this up mainly because HomeJobPlacement uses ebay and selling people things as there way to make people money. So if that’s the type of direction you want to go in there’s a much better and safer direction you can take. I’ve been a member for a number of years now i think since 2003 it’s a very helpful community of like minded individuals many who are making there living online.



I received a comment today you can view it below so in the interest of fairness I will let you see for yourself visit http://homejobplacement.org/index and please tell me if you do not clearly see the words “Auction Listing Agent.” the date in which i am writing this is March 05, 2010.  Why that’s important is because many times they(scammers) will change the website around after being exposed.

None the less if you think Home Job Placement is what your looking for don’t make me stop you from buying into it. I provide reviews real reviews. In this case i provided what i believe to be a better option to selling items on ebay but if you feel HomeJobPlacement offers a better service give them a try.

thank you.