Hoodestatemoney Review

Is Hood Estate money a scam? I know you can’t be serious this is a great opportunity for A LOT of you to get your finances in order. I know you wanted to check out a review because you might have seen on worldstarhiphop. Which do pull a lot of stunts on people?  But no this guy is selling a book. One thing to be aware of there’s a digital download found at


and you can buy the book at




Will I be buying the Book

I’m most likely going to buy the book I am an information freak of nature I buy almost everything that I feel will have that can make me more knowledgeable especially when it comes to making and keeping my money.

What I won’t be doing

The only thing I would be wary with financial investment pool, I heard him speaking on that briefly in his video. Personally I’m not into borrowing money or putting my money in a pool that’s kind of similar to a credit union from my understanding you should call them directly with information regarding that. At the same time it’s what the banks do it’s just for me I buy things with cash and I’m not personally in the real estate market directly I’m more like the middle man in giving out loans but in terms of investing in real estate with this current economical state I wouldn’t recommend it.

He makes some good points

He is right when he said America should recover in about 5 years I hope you all stay strapped cause although it’s great seeing a black President MONEY still rules everything around me and when people don’t have jobs or money people tend do crazy things (shoot people do crazy things even when they have money) so make sure you all anyone reading this is taking necessary precautions in the event the worst happens such as a terror strike and other crazy things in that regard.

Mind on My Money & My Money on My Mind

When it comes to money a lot of you need to get your mind right it’s not always about how much money you’re making a lot of times it’s about how much money you are SPENDING Look at these broke a** old a** rappers, begging to get back in the rap game. Think about it! None the less I recommend you check out the book I will be buying it not the downloadable version but the actual book, come back sometime and I will update this review also leave your comments or reviews below if you have any. Peace

Update and it’s a bad one for me I can’t seem to find anything but the download book anywhere not a good look if anyone has information regarding this comment below thank you!

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