Hostgator Coupons 2010 Updated Weekly

This is the current coupon code for the month of December click the banner below and when you get to your order type in “SNOWMAN” It’s setup so it will be there when you sign up leave comments if it doesnt work. SPAM is deleted daily.

Although good there is a 1 cent coupon promotion that should get you even more happy click the banner below and type in “WORDPRESS” for the coupon in wont work for Reseller hosting packages although I guess it wont hurt to try.

For anyone that hasnt tried HostGator I think this would be a good time. When it comes to customer service price and uptime there’s none better. When it comes to reseller hosting theres none better, in general I think Host Gator is the best and if not best they are among the best. There are other hosting companies that are good for a while and then get worse the more they grow.

If your starting out personally i recommend going with the “Baby” Plan you can pay month to month which brings me to another point may other big name hosting companies imediately try to lock you into a contract for like a year. personally I HATE that because i like the flexability of being able to say screw this company i wanna try something else. Or in the event I waste all my money in a poker game i can simply cancel my website hosting.

Clearly i’m terrible with money yet and still i’m available ladies “wink wink”. Also Host gator’s forum I find very helpful many times i can find the cure for many blunders there, although most of the time customer support fixes my problems in a few minutes. I always rate there service high mainly because of the customer service.

They’re customer support team always seems eager to help you which is such a relief because if you try some of these other hosting companies ‘dont get me started on go daddy’ then you’ll see what bad customer service is all about. Usually online you get what you pay for but but with Host gator you get more than what you paid for.

I don’t host all my websites with Host Gator but most of them are hosted with host gator so there you have it the coupons are above I wish you all the best and much success to you and your website(s)