HostSo Reviews

Well its December 30 2009 I’ve been a member for I think a week now and already we have down time. The saying reigns true you get what you pay for. Last night I tried to put up a blog on I have there $1 hosting plan $12 for the year I thought what the heck.

Well I tried to put up a blog on hostso using “fantistico” sorry if the name is spelled incorrectly I’m kind of upset. Anyway I tried to set up a simple wordpress blog and all these problems. Problems I’ve never encountered before online started happening. Anyway so I contact tech support. What do these people tell me “oh it’s not our problem get a script designer.”

They tell me to get a web designer?

These idiots tell me to get a script DESIGNER for a wordpress blog ok fine I play around a bit I get the thing installed mind you I’ve never under any circumstances had this problem With any other hosting provider especially the one I will be recommending in this post. Ok fine well so it’s installed! Problem fixed right. WRONG! the website is now the slowest wordpress blog in history it takes a minute to load I have to re-enter my ftp information every time I install a simple script application which firefox does for me but again like I’ve said this has NEVER happened to me before EVER.

Hostso Sucks!

Anyway all of this is wasting my time finally I give up go to bed now I’m awake and my website is Down TERRIBLE. My recommendation stick with Hostgator for web hosting I am officially only going to use this current hostso account for my landing page MY WORST performing landing pages. I may sound like I’m over reacting but I take my websites very seriously and when you promise 99.9% up time you better deliver.

Otherwise I go on a rant like this one. Because I want people to be aware of whom to trust many times i have No idea where to go with certain topics or issues I run into that’s the main purpose for me becoming a Blogger. My general recommendation is Hostgator for hosting there are others that I use but in general I use Hostgator.