How a combination of CMHC, BoC, and Rental Controls Got a WORKING Mother with Three Children EVICTED in East Toronto – October 16, 2021,

So if you read the story at the bottom of this post, you’ll read about a flawed woman and her flawed partner who made flawed decisions that led to them being evicted. I’m a human, I do stupid crap all the time, humans do silly things when you give them money they haven’t earned. But the reality of the situation for this young lady is Nina Hodder is that rent prices are too high in Toronto and rent prices are high in Toronto because real estate investors are TOO BIG TO FAIL!

The Bank of Canada(BoC) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) are colluding to make sure that Canadian housing prices remain way above the market rate. The Canadian housing market didn’t crash when the U.S housing market crashed, and Canada could have raised interest rates, furthermore, the CMHC is a FEDERAL entity that exists to provide insurance to people who the Private Banks otherwise would consider unworthy of a mortgage.

Because more people who otherwise wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage now qualify for a mortgage, housing prices go up. But oh it gets worse because CMHC and the BoC also assist real estate investors in purchasing properties they otherwise couldn’t afford by keeping interest rates near zero and almost guarantee the “markets” that interest rates will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Now, this is on the FEDERAL level, I haven’t even begun talking about the Provincial and municipal levels yet. Rental Controls are a reality in Toronto and Vancouver. Now if you’re a real estate developer or a real estate investor, rental controls are a REGULATION you want to avoid so instead of building rental housing which would DRIVE DOWN RENTAL PRICES, you build CONDOS!

Now Condos are often purchased by SPECULATORS and because Condos are purchased by speculators, the price of a Condo in cities like Toronto and Vancouver often skyrocket. Some of the real estate investors who purchase condos do so with the intent to rent them out, but you see if you pay an inflated price for a Condo and you want to service your Strata fees, Mortgage payments, and depending on the loan you took your property taxes you have to charge your tenant an above MARKET rent price.

Now as these overpriced new condo units hit the market and actual rental purposed housing remains stagnant, rental purposed housing can now raise their prices because not only is there an increase of demand because the population is growing, but there’s a lack of a rental purpose housing and this lack of rental purposed housing is guaranteed to accelerate in the future because both the CMHC and BoC are working to assure markets that not only will Canada protect the real estate market from crashing, they will work together to bring more of the same types of investments to Canada in the future.

With rent control laws, the incentive to build rental purpose housing is stifled, because who wants the headache? This woman Nina Hodder, is nowhere near as irresponsible as the various levels of government in Canada, I actually commend her bravery and what stood out to me is that she was paying $1900 per month rent for a 2 bedroom? That’s unacceptable and not’s a reflection of Canada’s rental market should be.

Now, if let’s say this happened because of free-market capitalism well, maybe we’d have to review free-market capitalism, but this occurred because of SOCIALISM! As everyone including Karl Marx knows, the flaw in Capitalism isn’t INFLATION, it’s DEFLATION! Inflation is a government creation, you can’t inflate the Gold and Silver supplies. If there’s no Gold, there’s no Gold and we have to make do with what’s there.

When we have a rule by FIAT monetary system, which allows the government to manipulate the money supply to achieve its objectives. The people who get screwed over by this system are the WORKING classes. Because if let’s imagine that our money is backed by Gold and Silver a government can’t steal your wealth by debasing your money.

Furthermore in the rental markets, if interest rates aren’t controlled by a central bank, the market would drive down prices during deflationary episodes like this. But no, during a deflationary cycle which found owners of mortgages needing government assistance to service their mortgage debt, now the price of housing is actually increasing in Canada, especially in Toronto, where this woman lives.

Now, if Canadians were given REAL financial education in school, most Canadians would know these economic problems begin with government, instead what i see is people bashing Nina Hodder for something the government does. the government is the reason Nina Hodder was evicted. Nina Hodder actually works for a living, I live in Ontario, there are all sorts of lazy people on provincial welfare who do not work who get subsidize housing?

Sure Nina Hodder might be financially illiterate and make some financial mistakes, but she works for a living and the wages would be enough to support her three kids if the various levels of the Canadian government weren’t subsidizing housing people and entities dependent on government welfare!

This Mother Couldn’t Work During the Pandemic—Now She Faces Eviction and Owes $17,000 in Rent | Reader’s Digest Canada

Interesting times ahead!