How Canada can solve its worsening skilled labour shortage By Meghan Potkins Reviewed: Canada has been a Left Wing Economic Basketcase Since Pierre Trudeau, Transfer Payments Exposed – August 26, 2022,



God Bless her, Meghan Potkins wrote an article worse reading regarding Canada’s ever-worsening SKILLED labor shortage, and obviously trying to be optimistic, she tries to simply address this problem to your usual attract more immigrant skilled labor and career transitioners blah, blah you know the schtick. Oddly enough and this is what I found interesting, she mentioned: “discouraged workers,” which could also include the unvaccinated SKILLED workforce who may have been FIRED or opted to retire because of Justin Trudeau’s mandates.

Although many of us imagine Justin Trudeau as this tyrannical Prime Minister which he is, Canada’s long list of Liberal Premiers, Mayors and Prime Ministers have all contributed to the labor shortages; in most Canadian provinces, as an example, the provincial minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage, rent controls are almost a FIXTURE in Canada, and although censorship is a recent development for Americans, Canadians have been dealing with CRTC censorship for DECADES now.

To show you how BAD the Left Wing problem is in Canada, when Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act in 2022, some Canadians CHEERED, others wondered what took him so long because in the minds of tyrannical Left Wingers in Canada, the Prime Minister is the equivalent to a DICTATOR, hurry up and shut down fossil fuels some Left-wingers in Canada will argue.

In this current health care labor shortage, you’ll also notice the Left-wingers ASSUME that replacing medical professionals should be EASY; Justin Trudeau created an atmosphere in Canada in which the unvaccinated are treated like criminals, and making matters worse, Justin Trudeau created a regulatory, environment in Canada that makes being a medical professional in Canada have far fewer rewards.

First off if you’re a medical professional in Canada, the LEFT wingers have created an environment in which it’s no longer my body my choice if you’re a medical professional. The Leftists argue that if you’re getting paid by taxpayers, you should inject these needles into your body whether you want to or not, and if you don’t want to be vaccinated, you’re in the wrong profession.

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Now, this Left wing sense of entitlement sounds good in the minds of the Leftists because they’re IDEOLOGICALLY driven, and ideologically driven people tend to IGNORE basic economics. People like myself who put economists first know that if you TAX and regulate human action, expect to find FEWER people willing to get involved in certain professions.

This is common sense to someone like me, but thinking like this would fly over the head of ideologically driven Leftists. Why have talked about LEFTISM so much in this post? Because Canada’s Public school system has been creating them for DECADES now. Unless you have the interest to seek out knowledge independent of Government, people like me will sound like we came from mars.

If you were taught how to think from the Canadian school system, you’d probably think someone like me; a CAPITALIST is a Nazi. If you know anything about National Socialism, you’d know that Capitalists and socialists DO NOT LIKE each other; any form of SUPREMACY is not welcomed by true capitalists who want Freedoms and Liberties ENFORCED.

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But let’s imagine you grew up imagining that society should strive to be “Democratic Socialists.” Well, you’d actually have more in common with National Socialists than you would Capitalists, BUT… because you don’t understand the ECONOMIC differences between national socialism and Capitalism, you’d be easier for the Left-wing establishments in this country to CONTROL.

Transfer payments actually began in 1957, but Pierre Trudeau became the Prime Minister that ACCELERATED the abuse of transfer payments in Canada. What’s important to remember about Transfer Payments is that they REWARD Provincial INCOMPETENCE! So let’s say I’m a Quebec Premier who continues to make promises to my voters that they will get unearned benefits if they elect me?

Let’s say in Alberta, the Premier practices fiscal responsibility and also develops Alberta’s natural resources, which results in Alberta generating a lot of revenue for its PUBLIC services; well, because of Transfer Payments, the Quebec Premier will enjoy the benefits of Alberta’s economic successes, so much so that the Quebec Premier can brag to his voters about how great the Quebec economy compared to the rest of Canada.

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Rent prices are really cheap in Quebec, and one of the reasons rent is cheap is because the transfer payment system allows the Quebec government to subsidize parts of its economy, as its deficits are paid from more fiscally responsible provinces. Now, if you’re a skilled tradesperson or if you’re a skilled laborer in general, you have the ability to pick and choose where to work.

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One of the problems with having a Big Left Wing government is that government politicians have to prove their worth, so they’ll often start creating all sorts of new laws, that govern skilled laborers. If you’ve ever become a skilled laborer, most of what you learn is abiding by government regulations, now as you get better at your trade, as a skilled tradesperson, you’l envtiably start looking at what part of the country or WORLD will treat you the best for your skills.

Especially if you’re a skilled Engineer as an example, Canada might be LAST on your list because not only does the U.S have a lower cost of living, you’re FREER in the United States, the U.S doesn’t have a transfer payment system and although Canadians hear about the worst things that happen in America, truth be told MOST of the crimes in the United States happen a few places.

Furthermore, as a skilled tradesperson, Universal health care offers ZERO benefit to you, something you’ll notice wasn’t even brought up in the article I point to below. If you’re a skilled tradesperson, it’s hard to own a gun in this country, a lot of skilled tradespeople like to go HUNTING and like to be able to DEFEND their right to life; well, Canada’s government is so big and has done such a god job brainwashing Canadians, that law-abiding gun owners ar CRIMINALS and to reverse these DRACONIAN laws in Canada, would be a very hard fight.

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Now, I bring this up because Canada had a lot of anti-freedom draconian laws LONG BEFORE Justin Trudeau came along, and truth be told, the Conservative Party of Canada did very little to reverse any Left-wing law in fears they’d be ousted in the following election. I bring this up only because we’re talking about TRADES people, skilled labor, and humans with OPTIONS. People with OPTIONS don’t have to behave in the way people dependent on government welfare behave.

In the article below, you’ll notice there’s NO mention of some of the things I wrote about here; now, I’m cutting this article off short because I have a life outside of writing these blog posts, but I hope you comprehend the point I’m trying to convey, if you don’t chances are you’ve been brainwashed by the Leftists in Canada or maybe the country in which you live.

How to solve labor shortages is to shrink the INCENTIVES for welfare; if you create more welfare programs, expect that more people will attempt to QUALIFY for those welfare programs. A lot of Canadians DO NOT WORK because there are more government incentives NOT to work. My mother has a friend, who had 1 child and manged to stay on welfare her entire life and also managed to live in government housing her entire life.

Because when she moved out of her mother’s home way back, I think it was in the 1980s into government housing, the INCENTIVE for her to work was not there, because had she worked, she would have had her rent increased, or she would have been kicked out of her government apartment, she may have had to pay for hydro, food, bus tickets via her own LABOUR, why do that when the governemnt gave her all of that for free, plus she was able to stay at home with her child.

The welfare state is a GREAT deal for low-skilled workers, but it’s an even better deal for people on WELFARE; upper-middle-class Canadians, on the other hand, get little benefit from the welfare state; there’s no subsidized housing, there are bonuses from the government, infact the opposite, if you’re a skilled laborer in Canada, especially if you DON’T work for the government you’re taxes are higher, and you still have to wait in line to get things like health care.

Imagine working 9-5, needing surgery government health care deems NOT AN EMERGENCY and having to wait in line behind a smoker or substance abuser who may have been on government welfare their entire life. Is that fair? If you’re a skilled laborer, don’t you have the right to go where you’re being treated best? I only mentioned ONE of many scenarios in which skilled laborers get screwed over in Canada, but after reading this, consider reading the post below and think about the reasoning behind how Meghan Potkins imagines we can fix our labour shortage. You’ll start to comprehend how out of touch most people are SKILLED LABOUR!

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Interesting times ahead!