How Do you Fix a Stolen Election: Kristen Holmes claims Donald Trump called for the termination of the Constitution to overturn the 2020 election as Elon Musk warns DNC of ‘smoking guns’ – December 5, 2022,

According to CNN writer Kristen Holmes, Donald Trump called for the termination of the Constitution. You can be the judge of that; below is the post-Donald Trump made on truth social, in which Trump seeks to overturn the Electoral college decision to install Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution in Truth Social post

Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution in Truth Social post

So does Kristen Holmes have a point? She absolutely does; one could argue her post is more clickbait than rooted in reality, but how do you fix what happened in the 2020 election? My answer, to be frank, is that I don’t like investing in volatile stocks. I don’t like to invest in stocks that don’t pay a dividend because I don’t like to be reliant on capital gains because trading the markets becomes a job.

Donald Trump argues that without Twitter, the media would have buried him because he wouldn’t have had an outlet to push back against the false narratives the mainstream media was saying about him; fair enough, but nobody forced Donald Trump to run for president and run a very divisive campaign.

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I personally think there was election fraud, I think Donald Trump WON the 2020 election, but I don’t think Twitter had anything to do with getting people to vote for Joe Biden; I do, however, think Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc., had something to do with SUPPRESSING election fraud claims.

Trump calls for the termination of the Constitution in Truth Social post

For myself, I’m not stimulated by Elon Musk “putting the Democratic National Committee on high alert as he threatens to expose more “smoking guns” in his efforts to release internal communications and documents to the public.” because for me that’s more about propping up social media, if you do not understand my position, I’m of the belief that social media had more to do with CENSORSHIP than it had to do with getting people to vote for Joe Biden.

I’m more concerned with censorship because, in the TELEVISION era, censorship was all the rage, and censorship was an excepted practice because political authority was RARELY challenged, with calls for regulations coming from both the Democrats and Republicans; that’s what concerns me the most. Because whether you’re talking about FoxNews or CNN both would benefit if the internet or social media giants were REGULATED/CENSORED by the government. BTW Yes, I consider regulations and censorship the same thing regarding FREE SPEECH!

I absolutely believe Twitter has the RIGHT to censor anyone they want; nobody FORCES you to use Twitter; we all use it out of CONVENIENCE, or maybe because of the profit motive, I stopped using Twitter because I saw what they were doing, and I believe they had a right to do it. Human history is filled with PRIVATE companies that made BAD and COSTLY choices; the difference in this era is that Elon Musk, who is a WELFARE billionaire, bailed out a web application.

I like to remind people that Tela Inc. is the beneficiary of government subsidies, and the current market value of Tesla stock is based on projected FUTURE earnings, hold that thought because Volkswagon has already caught up to Tesla Inc in terms of car sales. Elon is a very smart man, but without government welfare and Zero Percent Interest Rate Policy(ZIRP), is Musk really a Billionaire? Was Twitter even a good buy without Zero Percent Interest Rate policy? I’m not sure, back to Trump.

Elon Musk puts DNC on notice as he warns of ‘smoking guns’

Donald Trump is an interesting figure in that he can be very inconsistent at times; if you’re a Republican, you’re taking a huge risk with a person like Trump, who is indeed a Populous. Donald Trump’s style of politics pins one group against another, he’s my way or the highway type of leader, and one could argue that Trump does put the CONSTITUTION into question with his style of politics. I remind people that back in 2015, Donald Trump was FOR regulating the internet; he only changed when he noticed that his stance on CENSORSHIP wasn’t popular.

Donald Trump Wants to Close Off Parts of the Internet (DECEMBER 15, 2015)

Donald Trump Wants to Close Off Parts of the Internet (DECEMBER 15, 2015) |

What I’m getting at here is that like attracts like and what I’m noticing from BOTH sides of the political aisle is this PROPPING up of the importance of REGULATING or controlling social media. Just being honest, I have no idea who in the hell Mark Ruffalo is. Still, FoxNews, who would be the BENEFICIARY of regulating social media deemed it wise to prop this irrelevant person up?

Do you know who else props irrelevant people up? Yes, you guessed right, Donald Trump; I almost completely forgot about the “Squad” and/or AOC the last year because Bernie Sanders, the Squad, these weirdos are irrelevant; what is relevant is ELECTION integrity, which has LITTLE to do with social media and more to do with JOURNALISM.

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There is something very weird happening in the Democrat-controlled Swing States, and there doesn’t appear to be a concerted effort to get to the bottom of what’s going on; instead, attention is being focused on Elon releasing Twitter files and what Donald Trump said, how about doing something actual journalism, because I’m of the opinion that yes, maybe these odd voting patterns are merely a changing America, but can we at least get to the bottom of what’s going on?

Do Americans really think the economy is doing great, or do Americans in swing states really hate Donald Trump that much that they’d allow Joe Biden to destroy the U.S economy, or do Americans think that Joe Biden is just unlucky and that the economic downturn is merely a random set of events and Joe Biden’s policies have nothing to do with the economic downturn?

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I want some real journalism, not all of these OPINION pieces, which from my end, revolve around mainstream media attempts to REGULATE the internet. I get it for some people they’re on team Biden or Team Trump, but I’m on team LIBERTY and Freedom of speech, and if UNNECESSARY regulations hit social media, it’s almost a guarantee that the world is headed to war.

The only reason we’ve been able to overt war is that more people are AWARE of how CENTRAL PLANNERS create wars, and this is due in large part because of SHARING information that doesn’t come from a CENTRALIZED source. Now, if the mainstream media had actual JOUTARANISTS instead of all of these OPINION writers, humanity would be a lot SMARTER today, and we could be solving many problems; instead, we have situations in which MORE problems are being created.

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Censorship is what people mean when they talk about regulating social media, it might seem like only the Democrats want censorship, but the calls for censorship are coming from both sides; in regards to Donald Trump, the electrical college gave Biden the election, Trump’s anger should be geared towards Mike Pence, the rules are what they are, and at the time Mike Pence thought Trump lost.

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It is what it is, Trump has a right to be upset, but the real question is, what will Trump do about it? He has two years to talk about things like ballot harvesting and draw attention to actual systematic problems, or Trump can focus on making headlines and getting his base to chase their tails for no reason. The election was stolen, but many a U.S. politician will tell you that 2020 wasn’t the first stolen U.S. election. Hence, it’s time for Trump to get over it and focus on correcting the issue without making the government even bigger.

Mark Ruffalo’s call for Twitter to be ‘heavily regulated’ ripped by critics: ‘Hulk smash free speech’

Interesting times ahead!