Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill

Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest on Parliament Hill- ‘I think it’s powerful when you have the head of government taking a knee,’ Minister Ahmed Hussen says

How Justin Trudeau and The Social Justice Movement Made The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms a Central Theme in Canadian Politics Moving Forward – April 18, 2022,

When I first heard about the Freedom Convoy, I was excited, but I also assumed Justin Trudeau the current Prime Minister of Canada, would have easily stomped it out by meeting with protestors EARLY on. In my opinion, Justin Trudeau had all the leverage had he met with the freedom convoy protestors, Trudeau apparently caught Covid-19, disappeared, and then reappeared as a more angry divisive Justin.

Even a late arrival would have been welcome, a photo opportunity showing Justin Trudeau meeting with the Freedom Convoy protestors, with the help of a Canadian media that loves him no matter what he does, would have put Trudeau in the driver’s seat. The narrative the media could have spun had Trudeau met with the protestors could have been something like this Justin Trudeau trying to reason with unreasonable racist far-Right Wing Protestors as they hurl obscenities at him.

It would have strengthened Trudeau, sure those on the Far-Left who are never happy about anything would have found negatives in Trudeau’s meeting with supposedly racist protestors, but the moderates would have looked at the situation and said, at the very least, Justin Trudeau was being diplomatic, moderates would have liked the fact that Justin Trudeau did something UNCOMFORTABLE for a change.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau, took the divisive path, going as far as freezing the bank accounts of people he disagreed with politically, without a court order.

Important to understand that, the courts wouldn’t have allowed Trudeau to do this, no court would have allowed Trudeau to do this, these Freedom Convoy Protestors posed no real threat, the provinces were able to get the Protestors away from the U.S-Canada border via negotiations, The RCMP told the media that the Emergencies Act revolved around the OTTAWA protests.

Now, the Ottawa police could have handled that situation rather easily had Trudeau met with the protestors, but he didn’t he instead opted to push The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to its limits for a protest that was rather minuscule in nature. The protest only grew because Justin Trudeau refused to dialogue.

Social Justice will always be subjective, there will always be people in society who FEEL marginalized, it’s not like all Black people feel like white people are oppressing them, but the Black people who do, have the bull horn and the attention of politicians who want to leave a lasting legacy of being on the side of social justice. The nature of politics is using the political system to redistribute resources, let’s call it for what it is.

The reason most protestors side with the Left-Wing Politics is that the Justin Trudeaus of the world are ready and willing to steal from his political opposition for a vote. This is ofcourse the flaw in Democracy

The flaw of MODERN democracy is that the people who contribute the least economically to society can create political policies that steal from the people who contribute the most to society. Switzerland although not perfect has found a type of Democracy that addresses the problems created by a Federal government with too much power. What Justin Trudeau did with the Emergency Act, couldn’t happen in modern, wealthy LANDLOCKED Switzerland.

Good governance leads to a wealthy nation, Canada has for most of its history had good governance, but both Pierre and Justin Trudeau have been praised by their supporters for FREQUENTLY breaking the law. This merely exposes the flaw in democracy, men who are bold enough to test the powers of government, are often rewarded, this is not something to get emotional about, it’s something to observe, so we can become a better country.

Although history rewarded Pierre Trudeau, the reality of the matter is that future may indeed frown on both Pierre and Justin Trudeau as tyrants that had strong support mostly from their political base. If people in particular Provinces enjoy tyrannical governance, I’d argue they should be allowed to experience it, but for those of us who value freedom, we’d like a means to get the Federal Government out of our lives. Civil liberties against social justice overreach is a very real thing, that can be solved if lovers of big government leave the rest of us alone!

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Interesting times ahead!