How Steven Guilbeault’s Environmental Corporatism might trigger huge Profits in the Energy Sector, Force Up or Force Down Interest rates and Make You a lot of Money – October 27, 2021,

Even Karl Marx understood the importance of the market, Marx merely wanted the central planners to control the means of production. Later the term “Late Stage Capitalism” was created to describe the end goal for the central planner types, but as we’ve observed in prior times, late-stage capitalism is merely an economic collapse waiting to happen.

Now, that more and more people are seeing that Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDC’s) are a huge failure in Communist China, the forex markets are again finding themselves in the spotlight. The current digital money environment is very stressed and everything indicates inflation is a very real reality in the near future and now that Steven Guilbeault who let’s be clear similar to Justin Trudeau, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx has lived a very privileged existence is now the minister of environment and climate change.

Who knows, maybe Steven Guilbeault does nothing, maybe this move by Justin Trudeau is merely for optics, to rally his base, but, I suspect Steven Guilbeault just can’t help himself, I suspect more regulations and corporate welfare for entities Guilbeault believes represent the greater good for the environmental movement this spoiled-privilege-brat was able to dedicate his life to.

With that said Guilbeault is a clear signal that energy prices could potentially be going up, meaning that corporate entities in Canada, will probably be forced to buy some sort of carbon offsets to meet these environmental-corporate-welfare mandates. Now, although fossil fuel-related stocks in Canada MIGHT take a dip, Canadian energy is rather resilient and often adheres to Canadian mandates and passes the costs over to consumers and profits over to shareholders.

Now, I can imagine in your mind, you imagine the Canadian government instituting some sort of price controls or attempt to halt dividends or some other government mandate when prices for things begin to skyrocket, but the stupidity of the modern environmentalist movement is that they’re making Canadians more reliant on IMPORTS, I often like to point out that Champagne socialists are far dumber than Karl Marx could ever be, at the very least Karl Marx, similar to the Chinese Communist Party looked to OWN and CONTROL the means of production.

Idiots like Steven Guilbeault and Justin Trudeau imagine they’ve found some magic money tree in the form of fiat money. So when the market determines based on this environmental-corporatist movement that’s sweeping the world that fossil fuels will be scarce, chances are the prices are going to go up and the Canadian energy market will merely be riding the wave, created the progressive governments of the world

Now, in this regard, Steven Guilbeault might be the gift that keeps on giving, because, if inflation runs red hot, the Bank of Canada might be forced to raise interest rates, oddly enough while Canada is in historic amounts of debt. Don’t be fooled into believing all Canadians are in debt, a lot of Canadians have money sidelined for these inevitable moments. I like to remind the reader, that austerity measures tend to happen when Progressives are in power.

But to counter my own argument interestingly enough The new minister of Canadian heritage is originally from Argentina, so hyperinflation of the Canadian dollar is still in play. If you imagine the Canadian government will use dollar debasement as their way to pay for their spending consider purchasing Gold and Silver because if you were an Argentine citizen and you bought Gold and Silver prior to the Argentine Peso becoming toilet paper, you did fairly well for yourself.

Although the Canadian government doesn’t have much if any Gold it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Now, where Steven Guilbeault could be a detriment to your livelihood is if you’ve accumulated a lot of bad debt because price inflation will beat you up if you have a lot of bad non-cash-flowing debt.

Why Steven Guilbeault is interesting in all of this is that any major moves he decides to make will send ripple effects through the markets. He’s a radical, and Justin Trudeau just gave him a position in which affects all Canadians-even more so than when Steven Guilbeault was attacking freedom of speech rights online. Justin Trudeau again put his longtime friend in a position to really destroy the Canadian way of life.

If I’m, to be honest, I’m not sure what the future holds, but all signs at present point to higher energy prices in Canada and you’d be wise to look at fossil fuel investments and CARBON OFFSETS/Carbon Credits. Yes, these environmental corporate welfare bets are pure evil, but Canada is a democracy and if Canadians are dumb enough to elect these idiots, it shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of their stupidity.

Interest rates will ruin this party, nobody is paying attention to interest, now where interest rates come into play is the increased reliance on China, Russia, and OPEC. We’re not making things anymore and the Progressives are creating an environment in which regulations will accelerate manufacturing being done offshore. If I’m, to be honest, I don’t believe Canada’s trade deficit numbers are accurate and this is important because if prices start to rise uncontrollably, it’s going to catch everyone off-guard.

Being too reliant on imports starts to undermine tariffs which is a HUGE source of taxes for the Canadian government. You simply can’t buy certain manufactured goods LOCALLY anymore, even a lot of food in Canada will say made in Canada, but their ingredients or parts come from abroad. At the very least in many parts of Europe their tariffs are used to protect manufacturing, not so in Canada,  many of the goods in Canada are subject to a tariff, based on prior Left-wing regulations can’t be made or manufactured here, and the environmentalists are accelerating this problem.

Environmental corporate welfare is not only a tax it’s also a regulation on ALL Canadian businesses. How these woke laws are being written now, is that businesses and investors will be incentivized to subsidize woke-social-and-environmental-corporate-entities. This helps OPEC, China, and Russia to dominate in energy and manufacturing, meaning that reliance on imports is going to skyrocket, while wealth derived in Western nations like Canada will be used to subsidize what are currently failed social and environmental projects.

Because don’t forget that this environmental-corporate welfare also includes what the progressives deem as SOCIAL JUSTICE!=You know unionized jobs, paid sick leave, quotas for minority groups, and all of those other unproductive ideas that Leftists want in the marketplace. Steven Guilbeault will be someone to watch in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet.