How to get traffic to your website for free

Acquiring web traffic is not difficult at all the only hard part about getting traffic to your website is getting targeted traffic to your website. If you want to get targeted traffic to your website you must use specific keywords and align your website with the right type of visitor. When getting into the topic of website traffic you first need to analyze your goals so ask yourself what is purpose of getting traffic to your website? Once you’ve found the purpose for your website find people on the internet that are doing the same things you’re doing and get involved with them.

How social media can help your business

I usually get a lot of people who ask me how they can make money from their website. My answer: Try not to look at things in that way because if you do your journey to create wealth online will be a long and stressful one. My advice is to first produce and launch the website you want and then go out and find people that are interested in the things you are interested in. You want people who follow you not people who are one time visitors.

Social media is the best way to find followers and what I mean by this is not to spam you and your website all over the website what I mean is to use social media to meet new people who like the things you like so that telling them about your website doesn’t seem spammy. Example if I have a website dedicated to soccer and I post funny updated football video’s on it. It won’t sound spammy when I tell my Facebook friends “hey check out my website it’s dedicated to football bloopers”. Compare that with “hey want to make some money all you need to do is refer 10 people and you’re in profit” .

Do you follow me here because that’s how the pros get traffic to their website? That’s what I like to call residual traffic and residual traffic means that you’ll have more chances to find yourself a customer. Another thing I like to do is inspect anything I am recommending, the reason I do this is because people ask questions and when they do you want to have answers, when you give people the right answers you develop a rapport with them which will keep them coming back.

Need some coaching and niche marketing to bring traffic to your website

Typically what i find is people lack the laser vision to meet their goals and also I find that many people doubt themselves and the information that they’re given that being said that’s where a coach and teacher can help you meet your goals. To avoid sites that have up-sell after up-sell I recommend a program called Bring the fresh  to my visitors. Success is practically guaranteed if you follow their principals to getting traffic the reason it’s named Bring the fresh  is because they update their information constantly. For more information visit their website.

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