How To Stop Consumer Price Inflation in Canada and How To Fix Canada’s Health Care System, Justin Trudeau’s Short-Sighted Approach and how he can fix it (Jean Chrétien Austerity Necessary) – January 03, 2023,

In early 2023, Canada has a consumer price inflation, and unfortunately for supporters of the Liberal and NDP Party, their policies are directly to blame for it. For the record, I don’t like the Liberal, NDP, or Conservative Party; I think they’ve all contributed to the destruction of public services in this country as public services continue to expand WITHOUT addressing prior public services problems in Canada.

In regard to Canada’s healthcare system, the main problem is actually the way Justin Trudeau decided to wage war on fossil fuels. Justin Trudeau has AGGRESSIVELY waged war on fossil fuels, putting all Canadian provinces in a bad position as medical professionals demand pay increases because consumer prices are rising via the carbon tax.

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There are plenty of ways to wage war on fossil fuels WITHOUT a carbon tax. Carbon tax hits consumers’ pockets IMMEDIATELY as producers and vendors of goods and services have to pass costs over to consumers to keep shelves full, people employed, and taxes paid. If businesses aren’t profitable, they go bankrupt, private businesses aren’t like governments, which have their own central banks to borrow money from.


Private businesses have to borrow money from the same banks private Canadian citizens use, and if those private banks don’t extend loans to businesses, those businesses will either go bankrupt or have to shrink the size of their company. When consumers are complaining about higher prices, a politician can’t simply make a decree to lower all prices.

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The Prime Minister could nationalize all private businesses, meaning that government will own everything, but then Justin Trudeau’s cabinet would have to be decision-makers for every single business transaction in Canada, and that’s what would fuel shortages, and other problems we’ve seen in countries like Venezuela.

If you didn’t know, Venezuelan VOTERS thought their government under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, was better suited to control ALL the businesses in their country, as the story goes toilet paper and other consumer goods quickly became scarce commodities, as Hugo Chavez was proven to be too dumb micromanage the economy. Furthermore, when the government takes over all industries, which is what also happens in Cuba, it halts trade.

Because if I’m a business person trading or doing business with a particular INDIVIDUAL in Canada, but Justin Trudeau says all business transactions require his stamp of approval, I might stop doing business/trade with Canada because the transaction is too hard or EXPENSIVE to complete. This is one of the reasons why Jean Chrétien was a far better Prime Minister in PRACTICE than Pierre Trudeau.

Although not perfect, Jean Chrétien got the government out of the way of business and trade, and because of this, consumer prices in the 1990s-2000s in Canada actually began to come down. I remember living in Toronto, where rents were $2000 back then for specific properties; rent prices actually started to come down in certain parts of Ontario until CMHC(a Federal government agency) started insuring mortgages and the Bank of Canada(a Federal government banking entity) lowered interest rates to record lows.

When asset price inflation occurred because of lower interest rates and government insurance for mortgages, complaints by VOTERS were minimal because asset price inflation meant a certain segment of Canadians were getting rich from their homes, just sitting there.

This was consumer price inflation, but because of how the numbers are calculated, this asset/consumer price inflation went ignored. Trudeau BROKE the Canadian economy when he decided to wage war on fossil fuels and did so in the dumbest way possible with the carbon tax.

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People don’t like to admit that our fiat money is indeed a PETRODOLLAR but all indications point to the markets linking the money we use to the barrel of PRODUCING oil. So if the COST to produce and ship oil goes up, everyone around the globe feels it. Meaning that if you want to wage a war on fossil fuels without consumers feeling pain, you have to do so with more wisdom.

When Justin Trudeau argues that austerity measures are not needed, he’s ignoring all the additional taxes and the debt he put on the Canadian economy; austerity measures or shrinking the size of government under Justin Trudeau is not that painful because a lot of what Justin Trudeau did is easily reversible. The problem is, ofcourse the Canadian voters; how will they vote if an election is called tomorrow?

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A lot of Canadians might imagine that Justin Trudeau merely got some bad luck and people are being too hard on him; these same voters might imagine that if they wait a little longer that things will get back to normal. I’m here to tell those voters that Justin Trudeau broke the Canadian economy, and if he’s unwilling to rethink his economic plans, consumer price inflation is going to keep getting worse.

When consumer price inflation gets worse, it’s a strain on PUBIC SERVICES because public servants have to pay the higher costs also and a lot of Canada’s public services have PRICE CONTROLS, meaning that if you’re a health care worker in any province, your rate of pay must keep up with the inflation rate, so if Justin Trudeau gives provinces a FIXED amount of money for health care, but his carbon tax is making everything more expensive, provinces have little wiggle room to give medical professionals a pay increase.

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You have to remember that if there’s another pandemic and provinces give all medical professionals a pay raise, provinces won’t have any money to deal with another pandemic. Again all of these healthcare problems stem from Justin Trudeau’s short-sighted approach to dealing with fossil fuels.

My personal opinion is that man-made climate change is a SCAM; Canada, as an example, used to be a large sheet of ice until the climate started changing, which happened before humans even knew about fossil fuels, and truth be told, the earth hasn’t stopped heating up. History shows that a planet has gone through a whole bunch of cycles, but this is likely the first time in human history that the GOVERNMENT has ever been this big and this influential over people’s lives.

So when you vote for any politician, make sure they’re competent to lead; if you believe that manmade climate change is real, make sure the individual you vote for knows how to deal with it effectively. Becasue if you make the mistake of voting for the wrong leader, don’t be surprised when the country you love is destroyed.

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Interesting times ahead!