How To Stop Videos From Playing Automatically

I recently switched to using google chrome because for whatever reason videos were not playing in using windows which i found weird because I have newest version of microsoft windows. Anyway since switching over i came into a whole new problem which is how do i stop this annoying video’s that start playing automatically.

The first problem is msn. On msn even if stop or pause the video in a few seconds it will play anyway and then the other problem is stopping the videos that have no pause or stop button. Now for the video’s with no pause or stop button i found a very effective way to stop those video’s and no its not closing the window. All you have to do is click the video itself and it should stop. From my experience i will notice a pause button pop up. Others it will just stop.

Now the problem i have not yet figured out is stopping msn video’s those buggers just keep playing its like they’ve taken over computer or something i’m not sure how to stop it my only solution is to close the window or close that particular tab apart from that i just came seem to stop it. It will stop temporarily but it won’t load up again or even change to a whole new video its quite annoying. I honestly would have stuck with firfox but since the new release of windows i have not found firefox to be the best option.

Please add comments if you figured out how to handle this problem.