Review – Is it a scam? is a website offering another work at home opportunity. It is being promoted by Sara Douglas and Michelle Boudreau, a TV personality and the financial author of “Healthy Habits of Wealthy People.” According to them, the opportunity being offered by the website is one of the best things to grab especially with the bad economy.

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The work at home opportunity being offered by HowIReplacedMyJob is link posting. Douglas, a proclaimed CBS financial analyst, claims that this system works for her by allowing her to earn twice her former job simply by working 1-4 hours per day.

In order to get started, you need to purchase this system at a discounted price of $49 (original price is $249.95). By doing this, you will be granted access to the step-by-step training videos that will prepare you for link posting.

The program comes with a 2 Month Make Money or It’s Free Satisfaction Guarantee. Bonus gifts like a copy of Boudreau’s “Healthy Habits of Wealthy People” will not be taken away even if a refund is granted.

Final thoughts on turns out to be a program similar to It’s also a work at home opportunity being promoted by the same people. Other things that make this website more of a scam are its misleading information about link posting and the fact that it is being promoted by a fake news site,

While link posting is a legit money making opportunity, it doesn’t mean that it can replace your day job as on this, one only earns through commissions. Also, there are resources online for link posting that one could have for free.

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