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If you are a restaurant owner, interested in starting a restaurant, or part of the restaurant’s customer service, then you may benefit from Richard Saporito’s How to Improve Dining Room Service found at Saporito, a restaurant consultant for decades, shared invaluable tips on the aspect of customer service in this guide.

More about How to Improve Dining Room Service

According to Saporito, improving your service provide a lot of benefits including free marketing. For Saporito, retaining a customer costs less than obtaining a new one. When restaurants provide exemplary dining room service, then they can delight existing customers. Satisfied customers can spread the word and would keep on coming back. Quality of service is therefore what sets successful restaurants from those that are not.

The author has covered several essential topics in improving dining room service. Some of the concepts discussed in the book include tips on how to improve the dining room preparation and organization, service staff scheduling, safety, customer service, staff training, and improving menu knowledge and upselling.

Final thoughts on

How to Improve Dining Room Service seems like a good source of invaluable information for restaurateurs and restaurant staff. The author sounds like someone with an extensive knowledge of this area of restaurant business. This is a ClickBank product so if you end up dissatisfied, you can ask for refund.

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