H&R Block Tax Review Is It a Scam

Formally known as TaxCut.com H&R Block tax services is quickly becoming the number 1 recommended service online. Because of its easy to use online software and the fact people can use the service for free many people are flocking to H&R Blocks high level service. There are plenty of other online tax services popping up online but most can’t deliver the type of services H&R Block provides.

About H&R Blocks Free Tax Service

Now before you get all excited understand that this is a courtesy service and is for a unique individual who need a basic tax solution, if you have complicated tax issues you will not qualify for it. for the record the following people are excluded from H&R Blocks free service. If you declare self-employment income, rental and royalty income, farm income and shareholder/partnership income or loss you don’t qualify.

Personally although i know many of you reading this might be trying to save money although i understand i still recommend at least getting the “Basic Plan” which in 2010 is only $14.95 because it guarantees accuracy and the main purpose for me writing this to save you the headaches that usually come with trying to save money.

About Computer Softwares and Doing your taxes Online

In this area of your life you want guarantees, what ever online software you choose to use you want a guarantee this is my number one reason for recommending H&R Block many of this online tax services don’t offer guarantees. H&R Block even in its simplest paid tax software package offers a guarantee if you click here and choose any of H&R Blocks paid tax services which start at only $14.95 you will notice in the fine print some good news. it states.

“¹If the software makes an arithmetic error that results in your payment of a penalty and/or interest to the IRS that you would otherwise not have been required to pay, H&R Block will reimburse you up to a maximum of $10,000. Terms and conditions apply; see Accurate Calculations Guarantee for details.”

That’s a service you can take to the bank. Now this is not an invitation for you to purposely mess up the software, i put that out there so you understand the professionalism with the H&R Block software. Because not every online tax company offers such a service.

How does H&R Block Compare to the Competition

After doing my own independent research the online service that comes close is TurboTax & TaxCut some would say EFile but i would personally disagree with that at this point based on there different levels of tax services and there prices. TurboTax & TaxCut are still pretty good but based on the facts i’ve researched as well as provided i’ve come to the conclusion the H&R Block is the far superior Online Tax company

Is TaxCut now H&R Block

yes, in 2010 TaxCut.com is now ©H&R Block Services, Inc. If your looking to file your taxes or looking for real reviews on H&R Blocks tax services visit there website. You can find the free service on the “online” tab to your top left

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